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Terror in Sandusky: 5 suffer gunshot wounds

By Tandem News Network • Updated Jun 27, 2018 at 10:15 AM

SANDUSKY — Enjoying a night out, Maurisha Brown’s evening quickly went from terrific to terrifying.

Upon hearing a succession of thunderous “bang” noises, she, and others, all fearing for their safety, frantically fled from the horrific scene.

“It was dark in the back, and you could just see everyone running scared,” said Brown, who recorded the incident live on her cellphone and later uploaded a clip to Facebook. “Shots kept getting closer and closer to the car I was behind, so I started to just run away and, afterward, all I wanted to do (was) find my friend I came with to make sure he was OK and to leave and go home.”

While Brown dodged bullets whizzing by her body, several others weren’t so lucky.

The nation’s latest shooting rampage happened early Sunday morning in Sandusky at the Milan Road Bar & Grill, 1504 Milan Road, formerly the IAB Club.

Hours after the bloody aftermath, police found 71 shell casings — indicating at least 71 gunshots discharged from “multiple different calibers of weapons involved,” Sandusky police detectives said.

The entire sequence of unexplained events leaves many unanswered questions raised by eyewitnesses and locals:

“How did this happen?”

“Why did it occur?”

“Who’s responsible for these heinous acts?”

But here’s what is known, as learned by the Register: Five people, including four Sandusky residents, sustained gunshot wounds to various body parts at about 1:45 a.m. Sunday. Conversations between dispatchers and Sandusky police officers, published on the department’s website, indicate three different people experienced injuries to the leg, neck and shoulder.

Their conditions, including if they survived the night, aren’t known. A medical helicopter transported one victim to an out-of-town hospital.

A police report lists the victims: Ericajoi M. Johnson, 39; Jordan F. Jones, 26; Dominique A. Gray, 25; Brandon D. Green, 25; and Toledo resident Antione Gaither, 23.

After speaking with detectives, who surveyed the scene throughout Sunday morning, closing off an adjacent parking lot with yellow police tape to find evidence, Sandusky police Chief John Orzech offered up some insight.

“Thus far, we believe there was an altercation of some sort inside the bar, and then it went outside,” Orzech told the Register. “Once it was outside, there was an exchange of gunfire.”

As of late Sunday, police haven’t brought in a single person connected to the crime.

“We don’t have any suspects arrested or in for questioning at this point,” said Orzech, who urged anyone with information to call 419-627-5863. Callers can leave anonymous tips.

It’s believed, as soon as Monday, Sandusky officials intend to take action against the Milan Road Bar & Grill, a frequent “hot spot” where police intervention is often needed. It’s possible the establishment could be shut down, Sandusky ex officio mayor Dennis Murray Jr. said.

“That is a story about bad people who wanted to be in a bad place at a bad time. My wife and I and our four adult children spent all weekend in Sandusky visiting the downtown, neighborhoods, shops and friends. Sandusky is perfectly safe, but if you are looking for trouble, this ‘private club’ is the place to find it late on a Saturday night or early on a Sunday morning. As we have with every one of these lawless places in the past, we will quickly work with the landlord or operator to fix, fine or close this one, too.”

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