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Sheriff Howitzer? Jewelry found and more

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Aug 7, 2013 at 10:07 PM

‘The crumbling of the American Dream’ in Port Clinton

Via Rust Wire on Twitter, who states his parents and grandparents were from Sandusky and Norwalk. This is a really interesting article contrasting the Port Clinton of the 1950s with today:


Trucker Fall Sports schedule

Norwalk High School Truckers posted the school’s fall sports schedule on Facebook:


Sheriff Howitzer?

Sheriff Dane Howard fired a 75MM Howitzer to start the days events at the International Firearms Competitions at Camp Perry. Posted by the Huron County Sheriff’s office on Facebook: 


Jewelry discovered

Tim Rose, on the “Calling All Norwalkians” page on Facebook, writes: Tim Rose

A friend of mine found some jewelry that her grandmother loved. It is probably 30 years old It came from Hergatts Western Shop. Are they still in business? Under same name? same location?


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