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Cure for Fairitis, turtle traffic hazard and more

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Jul 22, 2013 at 11:01 PM

Cure for Fairitis

If you need to go to a county fair and your Huron County Fair fix is still a few weeks away, you can visit the Seneca County Fair, which opens this week.


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Turtle traffic hazard

The New London PD on Facebook: July 21, 2013

0950: Officer on patrol noticed a large "snapping turtle" lying in the middle of the road on Biglow Parkway causing traffic to swerve into the oppiosite lane of traffic. Officer assisted the turtle back into the grass unharmed.


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Norwalk ghost sighting

Linked via Twitter:   Me and my family moved into a house on Seminary Street and the first night we stayed my brother heard a man and a woman calling his name. I looked up the house on the internet and it said it was the most haunted house on Seminary st and that the woman hanged herself in the room right next to mine and a child and the man died in a fire. We still experience it all but if you act like you don't hear or see anything they won't hurt you, unless you are my mom's boyfriend...


* * *

Vintage H. Lais Star Brewery bottle

Via ebay, for $29 you can be the owner of a 9.5-inch-tall bottle in very good condition. Nice blue color and no chips. Was manufactured by the Massillon Bottle & Glass Co. and once held Norwalk’s top brew.


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