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Norwalk pit bull plan pleases people in twitterverse, AB Chase Piano and more

Norwalk Reflector Staff • Jun 4, 2013 at 11:24 PM

Making Norwalk safe for pit bulls

Lots of people in the twitterverse seem to be pleased Norwalk is considering decriminalizing pit bulls.

MacBarksBack via Tweet: Norwalk Ohio considering repeal of discriminatory law


Here’s one from Bless the Bullys:


This from GTPI film:

Here's some good news! Like a domino effect, it keeps on going here in Ohio. Norwalk is likely to be the next... http://fb.me/http://fb.me/1Lk3Q5OZ9

and For the Love of Pets:

Norwalk, OH considering a repeal of its breed specific ordinance.  Norwalk, OH residents and residents of cities... http://fb.me/27NheXO0W

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AB Chase Advertisment

With the recent missing AB Chase Piano in the news, thought it appropriate to feature this pinned circa 1900 AB Chase lithograph, courtesy of Gunnvor Karita.


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Norwalk Witch Hazel

$20 will get you this empty 1930s bottle of witch hazel packaged by the W.H. Wildman Co. of Norwalk, Ohio, via Etsy:


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Northcoast Inland Trail beauty

Posted by keeprinning on Tumblr.

Northcoast Inland Trail- Norwalk Ohio.

I’d have to say I spend entirely too much time here, just biking through and enjoying the peace that accompanies it. It’s sheer perfection to be away from town and just enjoy the world around you.


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