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Debtors’ prison discussion, Spudnik, police warnings and more

Norwalk Reflector Staff • May 15, 2013 at 11:47 PM

Tell kids, don’t take the candy

New London Police Department on Facebook: Update on an incident that happened in our Recreation Park on May 7, 2013, involving two men approaching children in the park (attempting to give them candy). The males have been positively identified, and have extensive criminal backgrounds. They do not reside in the Village and have no permanent addresses which makes locating them difficult..........we do have several leads and confident we will find them.

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Spudnik hits Twitter

Andy Ouriel ‏@AndyOuriel


The beefiest #burger around Ohio. Available at Kenilee Lanes in Norwalk  @sanduskyregistr @nreflector #hungry pic.twitter.com/okDbTLKMNA

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Tweet of the Day
David Bender ‏@db_end

11 May

Milan, Ohio...where everyone can be alive but can't truly live.

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Reddit takes on debtors’ prison issue

Redditors discuss ACLU charges that Huron County is operating a debtors prison.

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Click it or Ticket

Norwalk Police Department via Facebook: The Norwalk Police Department is joining with other state and local law enforcement officers and highway safety advocates across the country to help save more lives by strongly enforcing seat belt laws around the clock. The 2013 national Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement mobilization kicks off May 20 to help save lives by cracking down on those who don’t buckle up.

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