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All female shootout in Norwalk, company announces new facility, dogs get own pages and more

Norwalk Reflector Staff • May 1, 2013 at 10:07 PM

All Female Shootout in Norwalk

The NMRA (The National Mustang something or other) via Tweet: The NMRA Keystone Automotive Ford Nationals series is pleased to announce that Royal Purple has stepped up to the plate to present the All-Female Shootout at its Norwalk, Ohio, event that will take place at Summit Motorsports Park the weekend of June 14-16, 2013.  The All-Female Shootout will bring together some of the fastest females in the U.S. racing their street-legal Mustangs and Fords for national glory!

Read more: http://blogs.mustang50magazine.com/

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K-9s on Facebook

Huron County Sheriff’s Office: All the K-9 units have a Facebook page.This often shows some of the places and activities the K-9's do. Bea,Noro and Gunny have visited many schools through out the County and have helped with drug interdiction in many places. All hours of the day and night these K-9 are called on to preform a service.


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Dueling Pianos

Norwalk City Schools on Facebook: The Football Parents invite you to a great evening of entertainment

by Main Street Dueling Pianos this Fri., May 3rd, beginning at 7, doors open

at 6... join us at the Huron County Fairgrounds - expo building.

http://www.mainstreetduel.com/, all request!


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Epic opening new facility

Epic Technologies, which started in Norwalk, is relocating its Lebanon facility into a new 74,000 square foot facility in Mason.


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