9:00 PM Apr 7, 2014
Since defenant has several felony convictions, he could be sentenced to prison if found guilty of latest charge.
8:00 PM Apr 7, 2014
Irish music band continues series of live performances in Sandusky
7:00 PM Apr 7, 2014
Tickets for event at the Q go on sale Wednesday.
6:00 PM Apr 7, 2014
Real test will be this summer
5:00 PM Apr 7, 2014
If he completes substance abuse program, defendant won't have conviction on his record.
4:00 PM Apr 7, 2014
Extension of Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act will prevent mortgage modification or short sale as being treated as taxable income.
3:00 PM Apr 7, 2014
More than 2 million people in the U.S. are sickened every year with antibiotic-resistant infections, and 23,000 of them die as a result.
2:00 PM Apr 7, 2014
Ohio Senate biding its time on uniform city income taxes
1:00 PM Apr 7, 2014
Norwalk man also fined $250.
12:00 PM Apr 7, 2014
Master craftsman takes his skill to a new level.
11:00 AM Apr 7, 2014
Mom who taunted cheerleader because of drama between teen and daughter is one of growing number of parents stepping in on conflicts among students.
10:30 AM Apr 7, 2014
ODOT releases weekly construction report for Huron County and the surround areas.
9:00 AM Apr 7, 2014
All for accident victims are Norwalk residents
8:00 AM Apr 7, 2014
Perkins commits six errors, Truckers score 6-4 road win
8:00 AM Apr 7, 2014
Man and woman die after being ejected from Harley Davidson that collided head-on with oncoming vehicle.
10:00 PM Apr 6, 2014
Suspect is 80-year-old Willard man; victim is autistic 18-year-old Plymouth woman
8:00 PM Apr 6, 2014
If lawmakers decline to pass the bill, FreedomOhio could under Ohio law collect another 116,000 signatures to put the bill to a public vote.
6:00 PM Apr 6, 2014
Cleveland, Lorain, Marion and Orrville steel jobs affected by amendment to Senate version of the Water Resources Development Act.
4:00 PM Apr 6, 2014
Woman said man offered to perform a sex act on her.