11:00 AM Jul 22, 2015
Church with 2.3 million members has internal disputes regarding stance against the ordination of women, ateaching of creationism and literal reading of Genesis.
9:00 AM Jul 22, 2015
Both people involved in robbery will be sentenced this week.
10:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
Felony domestic violence suspect’s bond set at $20,000
9:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
Judge grants intervention to motorist, 62, who drove vehicle into pedestrian and parked car, causing serious injuries.
8:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
Coe frequently played authority figures on TV and in films.
7:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
Extramarital dating site users previously had to pay $19 to delete their account.
6:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
Veteran primarily a three-point shooter.
5:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
Victim's 9-year-old daughter: “When my dad died, my life changed. I was heartbroken. I really miss him. When I see other kids with their dad, it makes me wanna cry."
4:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
Attorney general unit has received 3,300 complaints and has helped to adjust or clear about $900,000.
3:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
Ohio's Republican governor asks for "prayers, support and efforts."
2:30 PM Jul 21, 2015
Norwalk police on the scene
2:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
Jaws of Life used to free passenger; two teens taken to hospital with injuries.
1:00 PM Jul 21, 2015
Defendant was eligible for prison sentence due to prior felony convictions.
11:00 AM Jul 21, 2015
"It is very easy to be overcome by the heat this time of the year."
9:00 AM Jul 21, 2015
Judge tells woman she can’t be a good mother if she’s addicted to drugs.
9:00 PM Jul 20, 2015
Teen poured water down ventilation shaft in jail, which disabled fire alarm.