3:00 PM Jul 23, 2015
"Heroin is taking lives and tearing families apart all across Ohio."
1:00 PM Jul 23, 2015
Convicted drug dealer skips court hearing in Norwalk.
11:00 AM Jul 23, 2015
Kuwaiti-born U.S. citizen gunned down five servicemen.
10:00 AM Jul 23, 2015
54-year-old St. Paul High School grad dies after a nearly year-long battle with cancer.
9:00 AM Jul 23, 2015
Local man, 28, faces return trip to prison.
10:00 PM Jul 22, 2015
Local man says Airsoft gun was used to scare clerk, not hurt her.
9:00 PM Jul 22, 2015
Woman, 28, offered private tutoring through online postings.
8:00 PM Jul 22, 2015
Stewart signs off after 16 years at “The Daily Show” next month
7:00 PM Jul 22, 2015
Brantley homers for Cleveland in 7-5 win.
6:00 PM Jul 22, 2015
That one is one of many questions to be decided in training camp, which begins July 30.
5:00 PM Jul 22, 2015
Victim was a passenger in one of the two vehicles involved in the accident.
4:00 PM Jul 22, 2015
“Our communities are not dumping grounds."
3:00 PM Jul 22, 2015
Woman was pushing ATV on township road when car hit her and vehicle from behind, causing serious injuries to woman and 6-year-old sitting on ATV.
2:00 PM Jul 22, 2015
Underlying Clinton’s slip is an erosion in her favorability numbers.
11:00 AM Jul 22, 2015
Church with 2.3 million members has internal disputes regarding stance against the ordination of women, ateaching of creationism and literal reading of Genesis.
9:00 AM Jul 22, 2015
Both people involved in robbery will be sentenced this week.