Huron County projects include two on U.S. 250 and one on Ohio 99.
People upset at local school board's actions following levy approval.
"Pittsburgh Steelers” represented heroin; the “Green Bay Packers” stood for marijuana.
Comapny paid $675,000 for Norwalk property.
Middle school teacher and mother remains in critical condition.
Troopers said speed and lack of seat belt usage also factors in crash that killed 25-year-old.
Suspect was a patient at hospital while boy was visiting.
People are in the process of gathering petition signatures from residents in the precincts.
Victim’s family was new to the neighborhood.
Defendant tried to steal Percocet pills from a Willard man whose house she was hired to clean.
Norwalk man has a "significant criminal history of numerous felony convictions," mostly involving larceny, deputy says.
On Aug. 2 and Aug. 10, events tied to the LeBron James Family Foundation’s first PROMISE Project will be held.
OSHA accuses company of exposing workers to excessive noise, respiratory hazards at manufacturing facility.
About two dozens weddings or receptions were held at the Statehouse in the past year.
Rogue postal carrier accused of stashing thousands of pieces of mail at his home.
Factory expected to bring 230 jobs to Norwalk.
At least eight of the cases involve heroin-related charges.
Man and woman obviously "haven't learned their lesson," deputies said.
Vehicle added through use of government program.