3:00 PM Aug 4, 2014
Bill proposes to transfer the state’s Agriculture Pollution Abatement Program from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to the Department of Agriculture.
2:00 PM Aug 4, 2014
The opposing camps are taking very different approaches leading up to the hearings.
1:00 PM Aug 4, 2014
Defendant charged in aggravated assault case.
12:00 PM Aug 4, 2014
Brantly was transferred amid high security Saturday to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, marking the first time an Ebola victim was on U.S. soil.
11:00 AM Aug 4, 2014
Stores selling out of bottled water supplies as a result of Toledo’s water crisis.
10:30 AM Aug 4, 2014
Mayor Collins: 'Our water is safe'
10:00 AM Aug 4, 2014
Ohio woman claims a product she invented and sells online is being counterfeited by a Chinese manufacturer.
9:00 AM Aug 4, 2014
Local defendant came close to staying out of trouble for three years.
8:30 AM Aug 4, 2014
Collins says he does not expect the need for an extensive flushing of city lines or of residential pipes.
10:00 PM Aug 3, 2014
Norwalk stores see customers drain bottled water supply.
8:00 PM Aug 3, 2014
Local man attempted to enter the residence through a side window, authorities say.
6:00 PM Aug 3, 2014
State of emergency declared in three Ohio counties.
4:49 PM Aug 3, 2014
Governor declares state of emergency in three counties.
4:00 PM Aug 3, 2014
Ohio clergyman arrived at motel with condoms and exact amount of cash a woman posing as a teenage girl requested.
2:00 PM Aug 3, 2014
Formal hearing to be scheduled
12:00 PM Aug 3, 2014
Some cited lewd culture in band; others blame university for rushing to judgment about its band leaders.
10:00 AM Aug 3, 2014
Authorities removed 41 birds of varying species, eight cats and kittens, three rabbits, two pot-bellied pigs and two dogs.
9:45 AM Aug 3, 2014
Water scare hits the Toledo area Saturday.
8:00 AM Aug 3, 2014
Calls appear to come from consumer’s own phone number or from a number very similar to their own.