9:00 PM Aug 6, 2015
Defense attorney: “He’s not a habitual offender who is causing problems (just) to cause problems."
8:30 PM Aug 6, 2015
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8:00 PM Aug 6, 2015
District attorney says prosecution "for any potential felony sex crime from 1974" would be barred.
7:30 PM Aug 6, 2015
Willard graduate to work in the state of Florida.
7:00 PM Aug 6, 2015
Woman was “pretty much an honest, church-going woman all her life" until she stole $34,000 using church credit cards.
5:00 PM Aug 6, 2015
Farmer, 75, found lying in a field
4:00 PM Aug 6, 2015
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3:00 PM Aug 6, 2015
Group claims animals are trained using abusive methods, are cruelly confined and have an overall poor quality of life.
2:00 PM Aug 6, 2015
Will the governor of Ohio appear presidential tonight in Cleveland?
1:30 PM Aug 6, 2015
Police say suspect harmed 10-week-old girl, who remains hospitalized with traumatic brain injuries.
1:00 PM Aug 6, 2015
Man recently wrapped up a 30-year career teaching French at Berea City Schools.
11:00 AM Aug 6, 2015
TV host who has graced a hundred “most influential” lists leaves the Comedy Central hit show tonight.
9:00 AM Aug 6, 2015
Man who awoke to woman standing over him “thought for a moment that someone was going to kill him.”
10:00 PM Aug 5, 2015
Norwalk woman: “I’m 30; I don’t want to keep doing this."
9:00 PM Aug 5, 2015
Heroin defendant faces 3rd set of probation violations.
8:00 PM Aug 5, 2015
Often featured in Instagram photos with young female fans, musician has been the target of these allegations by other fans.
7:00 PM Aug 5, 2015
Some Americans carry these bacteria with no ill effects, but years of antibiotic overuse have created virulent strains immune to most treatments.
6:00 PM Aug 5, 2015
Defensive lineman Phil Taylor is proceeding with caution after undergoing two surgeries on his right knee last year.