Bellevue's public schools are closed today, Bellevue High principal Francis Scruci has confirmed. The closing is a result of a bomb threat posted late last night on The threat was posted by someone calling himself "Pancake Nips" on a story covering a drill at the school yesterday at 11:57 p.m.
BERLIN HEIGHTS - This inn offers nail trim, brush, massage, comforting music and exercise if you're worried about too much pampering and not enough physical activity. But before you make an appointment for yourself, or any human being, understand that this business serves only man's best friend.
Abbe Ewell knows about the threats moving to Liberia can pose typhoid, hepatitis A and yellow fever, to name a few. Ewell, 24, knows the country in western Africa lacks running water and that shack towns dot Liberia.
BELLEVUE - Bellevue City Schools was closed this morning in connection with a bomb threat posted late Wednesday night on the Sandusky Register Web site. Bellevue High School Principal Francis Scruci declined to confirm or deny the bomb threat.
OCT. 24, 1922 The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on this date 85 years ago:
NORWALK The following people recently were convicted of drunken driving in Norwalk Municipal Court: Jane Cook, 47, 48 N. Pleasant St., Norwalk. Violation date: Sept. 17. Conviction date: Oct. 16. Sentence: $600 fine, $55 costs, six-month license suspension and 3 days in jail; credited with $250 and three days in jail time upon completion of alcohol intervention program (AIP); defendant shall have limited driving only on proof of insurance and occupation from Oct. 16 to March 17, 2008.
NORWALK The following people were recently convicted of crimes in Norwalk Municipal Court, Judge John Ridge presiding: Tanya Roberts, 34, 5300 N. Ohio 99, Monroeville; no dog license; conviction date: Oct. 3; $25 fine; $45 costs.
I am trying to compose myself after speaking with the dispatcher at the Norwalk Police Department. Compose myself enough to be able to write a letter to the city of Norwalk concerning their care and compassion (or lack thereof); also a letter of thanks for the thoughtfulness of one officer who cared enough to help out in the situation. My daughter and granddaughter were traveling through Norwalk when her car stopped running just north of the business district. She called me in Wellington to ask for my assistance. I told her I would see what I could do. I called the Norwalk Police Department and was told by the dispatcher that they were very busy and would not be able to check on her or give assistance. That is all I asked for; to check on her to make sure everything was under control and maybe give her a number for a reputable towing company. Is that too much to ask? (In the dispatcher's defense, I was told that she would give me some phone numbers for towing companies).
Over the last eight years that I have been associated with the Plymouth-Shiloh school system, I have witnessed a lot of positive things toward education. We will have two new state-of-the-art buildings with minimal cost to the taxpayers, the district continues to demonstrate high marks on statewide grade cards by receiving excellent and effective ratings, the district has been awarded an Ohio school of promise certificate, and we continue to provide a quality small-school education that emphasizes student achievement and individuality. We have also had some negative publicity over the last few years but I think the positives outweigh the negatives.
"School boards are democracy in action" is a quote from the Ohio School Boards Association Web site. A system of checks and balances is integral to our system of representative democracy and is largely why, many would argue, our system works. Our local school boards should function as a check and balance to the administration of our local schools. When local boards are "yes men," they are ineffective in moving the district forward in a progressive manner. Members of our local school board need to be serious about their function in this regard. From the OSBA Web site: "Perhaps the most important responsibility of a school board is to employ a superintendent and to hold him or her responsible for managing the schools in accordance with the school board's policies." School board members by design need to be independent thinkers from the superintendent and independent decision makers within the framework of doing what's best for the children of the school system.
The five members of the Norwalk City Schools Board of Education wholeheartedly endorse the upcoming renewal levy for the Norwalk Public Library. Even though the public library operates independently, state law dictates that the Norwalk City Schools District serve as the taxing authority and that the levy appear on the ballot as a Norwalk City School issue. This renewal levy is not a new tax and does not increase the current tax rate. It simply renews a tax that has been in place since 1982. The money is used for various operating expenses such as book purchases, subscriptions, building maintenance, and employee salaries.
Whitney Field in Norwalk will host the "Showdown of Huron County' with a pair of games this weekend to close out the 2007 regular season. Norwalk will host Willard Friday night at 7:30 in a battle of Northern Ohio League teams, while St. Paul entertains Monroeville at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in a winner-take-all fight for the Firelands Conference crown.
Bonnie Brae Elk Farm hosting Bugle Days
NEW LONDON Village council met Monday night and discussed several topics, including consultant Charlie Bowman reporting on suggestions for both an economic development and downtown improvement plan. A story about Bowman's findings appeared in Tuesday's Reflector.
NEW LONDON - Village consultant Charlie Bowman reported to council Monday on suggestions for both an economic development and downtown improvement plan. He said the first step in an economic development plan is an inventory of infrastructure and neighborhoods around town to determine exactly what can be improved upon. Read the rest of this story in Today's Reflector...<>/p>
"It's very, very tight," Mayor Sue Lesch said of Norwalk's budget at city council's work session Tuesday night. Treasurer Diane Eschen presented a proposed budget of &#036;21,362,146 an increase of about two percent.
NORWALK FIRE Assisted North Central EMS with a patient at 9:24 p.m. Tuesday at 115 N. West St. Returned to station at 9:28.
WAKEMAN The Wakeman Eagles recently donated &#036;1,000 each to several good causes, including the Western Reserve Athletic Boosters, Boy Scout camp, Operation Uplink and the Wakeman Police Department.
NEW LONDON The new officers of the Quilt Guild are: Doris Wilson, president; Chris Kaufman, vice president; Carol Schaffer, secretary; Lynette Hissong, treasurer; and Marcella Workman, publicity chairperson. Members will meet at the home of Mary Jo Paramore Nov. 14 for a holiday party, and plans are being made for Home Town Holidays Dec. 8 when quilts and crafts will be displayed in the church parlor.
Recently I was reading a travel magazine. There was an entire article on how to travel "green." The article came complete with a pull-out card to take with you, as you traveled with tips to use. Here are a few suggestions on the card. Take shorter showers.
SANDUSKY Family and friends of Matt Vaccaro are planning a benefit for him Nov. 4 at the American Legion Post 83 on Hayes Avenue in Sandusky. On Aug. 24, Vaccaro was diagnosed with Grade 4 cancer of the brain. He had surgery on Sept. 6 at the Cleveland Clinic to remove the tumors, but still needs to undergo chemo and radiation therapy.