8:17 AM Sep 2, 2010
Friends of the late Daniel Duncan will have the chance on Friday to not just remember him, but keep alive one of his passions -- music. Those who attend the "Remembering Daniel" memorial from 5 to 9 p.m. Friday at Sheri's Coffee House can donate toward the Daniel Duncan Memorial Music Scholarship Fund. Through the fund, college-bound students of good character who plan to study music receive funds toward their college expenses.
5:49 PM Sep 1, 2010
A former Huron County resident was sentenced Wednesday to up to six months in a prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.
5:44 PM Sep 1, 2010
Providence Baptist Church will be handling the funeral arrangements for murder victim Linda S. Beach.
5:43 PM Sep 1, 2010
Bellevue murder victim Linda S. Beach died of various head injuries, an autopsy revealed.
5:03 PM Sep 1, 2010
The state agreed to withhold various statements a woman accused of driving heavily intoxicated made to police.
4:54 PM Sep 1, 2010
A Willard man is accused of inappropriately touching a 3-year-old girl.
4:52 PM Sep 1, 2010
WAKEMAN - Police found used heroin syringes and jewelry suspected of being stolen during a traffic stop Monday in Wakeman.
12:52 PM Sep 1, 2010
WILLARD -- Two male suspects were arrested in connection with a Willard garage break-in. Willard Police Officers Jeremy Draper and Ed Tackett responded to the 500 block of Clark Street at 11:13 p.m. Saturday. Police said they found Willard suspects Travis L. Hall, 24, of 516 Quail Creek, and Curtis Hale, 31, of 661 Conwell Ave., inside the residential garage, where an assortment of tools and copper pipes had been gathered in what appeared to be an attempt to steal them.
12:48 PM Sep 1, 2010
A 70-year-old man was arraigned Monday on 10 sex charges involving a 15-year-old boy.
12:42 PM Sep 1, 2010
A forgery defendant was ordered to pay almost $2,500 in restitution for a purchase agreement over a new motorcycle that went wrong.
12:37 PM Sep 1, 2010
A New London man remains in custody in connection with threatening to kill a village resident. The same suspect is further accused of harassing the same married woman for an extended period of time.
11:11 PM Aug 30, 2010
These missing persons stories have a happy ending.
11:06 PM Aug 30, 2010
Libertarian Party candidate Bob Williams is making a run at the 58th House District.
11:02 PM Aug 30, 2010
Authorities from three local law enforcement agencies checked 375 vehicles during a sobriety checkpoint this weekend.
10:59 PM Aug 30, 2010
Teamwork isn't limited to just the playing field. Berlin-Milan Local Schools Superintendent David Snook said everybody had a hand in his school's "excellent' ranking in the latest state report cards released late last week. Berlin-Milan, along with Norwalk and Plymouth-Shiloh, earned "excellent' rankings - the second highest among six possible scores. Snook said it's the fifth straight "excellent' report card for the district.
10:56 PM Aug 30, 2010
Two marijuana eradication efforts in Huron County this month netted 167 plants.
10:52 PM Aug 30, 2010
A Norwalk woman was arrested for allegedly using a scissors to stab a male acquaintance in the chest Friday.
10:49 PM Aug 30, 2010
An apparent celebration turned into a stabbing incident.
10:40 PM Aug 30, 2010

“The problem with comic book stores is (they’re) self-limiting,” comics writer Gerry Conway told me during our June 22 interview.

“You already have to be a (comic book) reader to go into a comic book store because you have to want to get a comic book.”

11:56 PM Aug 29, 2010
Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin had a message to deliver that the nation was at a dire crossroads, and thousands showed up Saturday at the National Mall to receive it. But Sunday, Beck reiterated that the pair would not join forces in 2012, leading a national ticket for president and vice president. "Not a chance," Beck said in an appearance on "Fox News Sunday," on the same network that broadcasts the radio and TV host's daily show. "I have no desire to be president of the United States. Zero desire. I don't think that I would be electable."
11:54 PM Aug 29, 2010
A woman who violated her probation was sentenced to more than two years in prison.