9:19 AM Sep 23, 2010
Did a dachshund/beagle named Sissy bite Raymond Miser at the Easy Trip gas station Monday?
11:55 PM Sep 22, 2010
A local man was found guilty of having cocaine at the Norwalk police station in the spring.
11:49 PM Sep 22, 2010
The criminal case involving the 2007 untimely death of an infant boy has been resolved.
3:15 PM Sep 22, 2010
What is the definition of sex? That's an issue being raised by the lawyer representing a football coach accused of soliciting prostitution.
12:51 PM Sep 22, 2010
CNN is reporting that a prominent Georgia pastor, Bishop Eddie Long, has been accused by two men of sexual coercion.
10:35 AM Sep 22, 2010
Call me "Media Man." Or at least that's what Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Plew says whenever he sees me at the Huron County Courthouse. Getting pegged with pet names is nothing new to me: In fact, Monroeville Police Sgt. Frank Gleason recently started calling me "Hammer." "I thought 'Scoop' was getting kinda old," he said with a laugh.
10:28 AM Sep 22, 2010
I've already proposed the merits of choosing Batman or Superman in "Cary's Comics Craze.' Now let's check out Jack Nicholson vs. Heath Ledger as The Joker. I'm sure fans will have more to say once they see the seven-minute prologue for "The Dark Knight" (TDK) before today's IMAX release of the Will Smith film "I Am Legend." The Heath-Joker
10:19 AM Sep 22, 2010
There must be a method to Neil Gaiman's madness known as his two-part Batman "funeral story" that starts in BATMAN No. 686. Gaiman's Gotham is Gotham, but not quite. With Selina Kyle roaring into a back alley to a dive called the Dew Drop Inn in a Catmobile we haven't seen since the 60s, you can tell this is a place that's recognizable.
10:18 AM Sep 22, 2010
Consider this is a teaser for my to-be-published interview, if you're reading this beforehand. Brad Meltzer, an advocate for strong characterization and storytelling, had a lot to say, so let's get on with it:
10:15 AM Sep 22, 2010
The Huron County General Health District has scheduled the "drive-thru" seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccine clinics in Norwalk, Willard, Bellevue, New London and Wakeman.
10:05 AM Sep 22, 2010
In a carniceria, Valentin Curiel often stands off in a corner near the meat counter, waiting for customers who need his help -- the mothers whose babies have colic, the insomniacs, the people with skin infections. "Some of the home remedies I know about really work," Curiel said.
9:52 AM Sep 22, 2010
I'm not a devotee of the Tea Party movement. I think it's great that some people are angry, mobilizing and impacting the way things are done, but it looks to me like more of an intra-party struggle than an all-encompassing, national movement.
9:22 AM Sep 22, 2010
A Huron man charged with soliciting prostitution has resigned as the head football coach at Firelands High School.
9:20 AM Sep 22, 2010
Norwalk city council remains undecided on just what to do with exterior furnaces.
9:19 AM Sep 22, 2010
On Monday, Bill Bader Jr., owner and president of Summit Motorsports Park, talked specifically to a crowd at Fisher-Titus Medical Center about the economic impact the raceway park has on Huron and Erie counties. On Tuesday, Bader reiterated some of those thoughts, but also broke down the challenges the park faces going forward.
9:16 AM Sep 22, 2010
Unemployment numbers dropped again in Huron County for the month of August.
8:32 AM Sep 22, 2010
Huron County Assistant Public Defender David Longo called the circumstances of his client's drug buy "sort of an odd situation for a trafficking case."
4:34 PM Sep 21, 2010
The city will close both lanes of Fort Ball Road between Crestwood Drive and U.S. 224 for two weeks starting Monday in response to a request from the U.S. 224 project contractor.
4:17 PM Sep 21, 2010
Summit Motorsports Park owner and President Bill Bader, Jr. said Monday the track has a great opportunity for further growth and development in Huron County.
2:30 PM Sep 21, 2010
There's a cliche that is so true: The more things change, the more they stay the same.
2:17 PM Sep 21, 2010
What could be more appropriate than a tractor-trailer bursting through the wall of the Norwalk Truckers' main gymnasium?