4:14 PM Sep 8, 2010
A fire this morning gutted a concession stand at Summit Motorsports Park. Park president Bill Bader Jr. said Norwalk fighter John Soisson was investigating the fire and no cause has been determined.
4:13 PM Sep 8, 2010
An electrical fire this morning on Jonathan Lane in Norwalk caused about $50,000 worth of damage to a vacant house.
4:07 PM Sep 8, 2010
AVERY -- Several law enforcement agencies were on scene Wednesday near the Ohio Turnpike entrance/exit in Erie County.
10:53 AM Sep 8, 2010
One thing's for certain, tough decisions lie ahead regarding the Huron County Airport.
10:47 AM Sep 8, 2010
Exterior wood furnaces were a hot topic at Tuesday night's Norwalk city council meeting.
10:41 AM Sep 8, 2010
A man accused of inappropriately touching two teenage girls remains behind bars.
10:31 PM Sep 7, 2010
It's as bad I feared: "The Incredible Hulk" looks terrible, maybe worse. The footage shown last night on VH-1 focused on Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) and seemed to have a "Fugitive" feel to part of it - but without any of the fun, thrills and suspense.
8:43 AM Sep 7, 2010
BERLIN TOWNSHIP -- A passing motorist found a man's body on the ground along the Ohio 2 west off-ramp.
11:42 PM Sep 6, 2010
A 15-year-old Norwalk girl who'd been reported missing was found Monday afternoon.
11:41 PM Sep 6, 2010
NEW LONDON -- The 102nd annual Firelands Festival went off without a hitch this weekend thanks to perfect weather and huge crowds.
11:39 PM Sep 6, 2010
If you call Jim Lucas today on his cell phone, don't expect an answer. Not today. Not ever. Lucas retired Tuesday afternoon from the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company. All told, Lucas spent 42 years working on the rails -- starting with the Norfolk & Southern.
11:34 PM Sep 6, 2010
WASHINGTON (MCT) -- President Barack Obama Monday proposed a quick $50 billion boost in federal spending to rebuild roads, railways and runways -- a move he said will create jobs and which Democrats hope will improve their election prospects in November. Obama rolled out the Labor Day proposal at a speech to a friendly union audience in Milwaukee, the launch of a week-long push on the economy and jobs that will include an Ohio speech pushing tax breaks for business and a White House news conference on Friday.
11:31 PM Sep 6, 2010
An intoxicated break-in suspect was arrested Sunday in Norwalk near where he had fallen asleep in one of his victim's homes.
10:31 PM Sep 6, 2010
Depending on your amount of spendable income, it's either a great or horrible time to collect comics. The reason is easy: There are just way too many interesting titles (especially from Marvel Comics) to buy.
9:19 PM Sep 6, 2010
Captain America has undertaken his last mission at least for now. The venerable super hero is killed in the 25th issue of his namesake comic that hit the stands Wednesday. A sniper shoots down the shield-wielding hero as he leaves a Manhattan federal courthouse in handcuffs, having been arrested in connection with opposing the government mandate for heroes to reveal their secret identities.
7:35 PM Sep 6, 2010
Boy, do I have an interview for you!
7:11 PM Sep 6, 2010
Once again I played "catch-up" by watching the 2006 direct-to-DVD animated feature "Ultimate Avengers: The Movie."
7:09 PM Sep 6, 2010
Steve Englehart is considered a legend among comic book writers. How can you tell? Many of his stories from his 1976 eight-issue run in "Detective Comics" have been selected in various compilations under the title "The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told." His stories from "The Avengers" (from 1972 through 1976) and "Captain America" are cheaper and much easier to find by simply buying them in trade paperbacks instead of tracking them down in back-issue bins.
1:24 PM Sep 4, 2010
Editor's note: This is the first of four blogs about reporter Cary Ashby's "Batman Chicago Vacation" June 20-24, specifically to scope out the making of the 2008 film "The Dark Knight" (TDK).
1:21 PM Sep 4, 2010
Editor's note: This is the final blog about reporter Cary Ashby's "Batman Chicago Vacation' June 20-24 about the making of the 2008 film "The Dark Knight' (TDK). Night of June 22 (parking deck) - Batmobiles, Christian Bale and Chris Nolan, oh my!
1:18 PM Sep 4, 2010
Pardon me while I mourn. Or maybe I'm celebrating; I'm not sure. After all, filming for the latest Batman film, "The Dark Knight," ended its long filming Friday.