11:40 AM Sep 17, 2010
Huron County Commissioner Mike Adelman delivered the good news Wednesday.
10:03 AM Sep 17, 2010
Late-summer storms tore through Ohio on Thursday, turning over mobile homes and destroying parts of a high school in Athens County, taking the roofs off homes in Fairfield and Pickaway counties, and wrecking barns and houses in Perry County.
9:22 AM Sep 17, 2010
WILLARD -- Two Huron County residents were charged with public indecency during the investigation of a suspicious vehicle complaint Wednesday.
9:21 AM Sep 17, 2010
Police aren't saying much about a local marijuana growing operation.
9:17 AM Sep 17, 2010
Last week in conjunction with the Alex Justice story, I mentioned Gore Orphanage Road in western Lorain County. We're fast approaching the time of year when an area newspaper or magazine features a story (usually overloaded with sensationalism) of the Gore Orphanage saga.
9:11 PM Sep 16, 2010
A victim not only failed to show up for an appointment with prosecutors, but police said the woman was "high.'
3:39 PM Sep 16, 2010
Police were unable to find the hit-and-run driver who partially ran over a jogger Tuesday.
11:39 PM Sep 15, 2010
Former Lt. Gov. Mike DeWine has four points he's stressing in his campaign to be Ohio's next attorney general.
11:38 PM Sep 15, 2010
A 6-year-old boy was released from the hospital early Wednesday morning after he ran in front of a vehicle.
11:37 PM Sep 15, 2010
Norwalk Police raided 18 N. Pleasant St. Wednesday and discovered numerous pot plants and pot growing mechanisms at the home.
11:34 PM Sep 15, 2010
The case against an area football coach charged with soliciting prostitution will go to trial.
11:32 PM Sep 15, 2010
A dad was sentenced to 17 months in prison Wednesday after selling marijuana near one of his children.
11:22 PM Sep 15, 2010
Lately, I've been waking up at night and looking at my clock. It's a digital clock. Once in a while, when I look at it, the time changes -- say it's 3:06 a.m., and then the clock changes to 3:07. That scares me. I don't like to see time jump like that. It makes me realize that minutes are swallowed up, gone, never to be seen again. I don't like digital clocks. It doesn't seem natural. Time is a smooth continuum, moving from one second to the next. You just don't jump like that from one minute to the next.
12:30 PM Sep 15, 2010
A local man has been locked up after blowing his probation related to a drug-dealing conviction.
12:28 PM Sep 15, 2010
A highly intoxicated man called authorities Monday to say he was considering suicide by jumping in front of traffic.
12:14 PM Sep 15, 2010
Jane had shoulder surgery, which required her to miss 12 weeks of her part-time work. Her husband had been working a job for three years that paid minimum wage.
12:13 PM Sep 15, 2010
As has been mentioned several times in recent months, the Huron County commissioners have their hands full with the airport.
12:10 PM Sep 15, 2010
The heroin case that wasn't really a heroin case. That's how attorneys described the case against Dustin C. Burton to Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.
12:04 PM Sep 15, 2010
A state Highway Patrol trooper was involved in an injury crash early this morning on Ohio 2.
11:01 AM Sep 15, 2010
Norwalk city officials are debating whether to restrict the use of exterior furnaces or ban them all together.
10:04 PM Sep 14, 2010
Jeffrey Resor's new trial on an involuntary manslaughter charge still stands at Oct. 18.