10:16 AM Oct 7, 2010
We have lost a powerful capitalistic form of upward mobility in this country that it looks more and more like we are going to need to reacquire.
9:33 AM Oct 7, 2010
"Third grade rules! Third grade rules!" The chant in the Maplehurst Elementary cafeteria started rather subdued -- for third-graders, that is -- only to grow in intensity. The fourth-graders who filed in and sat down soon started their own version. But it couldn't quite overtake the power of the third-graders' chant.
11:46 PM Oct 6, 2010
Motorists filling up their tanks this weekend may see an unpleasant surprise at the pump.
11:12 PM Oct 6, 2010
I was tempted to do it, but I avoided the temptation. No, the temptation wasn't eating a high-calorie dessert. It wasn't spending money on something I didn't need. It wasn't skipping the homework for the class I am taking. All of those things are tempting, and sometimes I do give in, but this was something different. It was the temptation to use an abbreviation while texting. Now before you stop reading because you think that's not a temptation at all, or if so, it's just a trivial one, think about it from an English teacher's perspective.
11:10 PM Oct 6, 2010
"Balanced budget requirements seem more likely to produce accounting ingenuity than genuinely balanced budgets." -- Thomas Sowell
6:23 PM Oct 6, 2010
Add another park to those entrenched in Norwalk.
5:58 PM Oct 6, 2010
A Willard man appeared in court Tuesday after being charged with three counts of trafficking in marijuana.
5:54 PM Oct 6, 2010
An arrest warrant was issued for a former Shelby man who failed to appear for his sentencing hearing Tuesday.
4:55 PM Oct 6, 2010
Both the Norwalk boys' and girls' golf teams are in the process of playing in the Division I sectional tournament. The Trucker boys' team is at Thunderbird Hills. Five teams and the five individual low scores not on qualifying teams advance to the district tournament. The Norwalk girls' squad is at playing at Detwiler Golf Course in Toledo. The first four teams and four individual low scores not on qualifying teams will qualify for the district tournament, which is scheduled for Oct. 14 at Eagle Creek.
9:25 AM Oct 6, 2010
First it was a handgun. Now it's a knife. Former Huron County Democratic chairman Patrick Saunders is accused of threatening the associate dean of the Firelands campus of Bowling Green State University (BGSU) by brandishing a knife and motioning it near a student. Saunders, who now is banned from all BGSU facilities, previously taught American culture studies at BGSU Firelands starting in 2003.
11:09 PM Oct 5, 2010
Tuesday is a big night for volleyball. In the Northern Ohio League, Norwalk hosts Upper Sandusky and Willard goes to Fostoria. The Firelands Conference has St. Paul going to South Central, Monroeville hosts Western Reserve, New London travels to Crestview and Plymouth hosts Mapleton. Edison is at Oak Harbor in Sandusky Bay Conference action. Edison and St. Paul, plus New London's Macala Riedy, are playing in the Division II district tournament at Sycamore Springs Golf Course in Arlington.
10:25 PM Oct 5, 2010
A nearly $800 armed robbery cost the suspect a 10-year prison term.
10:20 PM Oct 5, 2010
Former Willard City Schools Food Service Director Melodie Adelman demands her job back and lost wages of $34,653 in an appeal filed Tuesday by her attorney, Timothy Dempsey.
4:29 PM Oct 5, 2010
U.S. 250 just south of the Erie County line will close Oct. 18, it was announced today. The bridge is scheduled to reopen April 15.
4:29 PM Oct 5, 2010
Monroeville elementary students could win a Radio Disney dance party and gain overall better health by participating in the "Get Active, Get Fit! School Challenge."
2:27 PM Oct 5, 2010
Another dreary day in the Firelands, and don't expect much better on Wednesday.
11:00 AM Oct 5, 2010
WILLARD - Officials from AAA have recognized the city for its pedestrian and traffic safety.
8:45 AM Oct 5, 2010
A former area college instructor is out on bond after being arrested in connection with improperly storing a loaded handgun in his motorcycle.
12:08 AM Oct 5, 2010
An electric heater is being blamed for the deadliest fire in Ohio this year.
11:57 PM Oct 4, 2010
Rebecca Daneker is a veteran when it comes to raising children. But just when you think you have seen everything ... Rebecca and Steve Daneker have six children -- five boys and a girl. The family moved to their new home on Jeffries Road in Milan Township less than two months ago. Prior to moving the family lived five years in Sandusky and before that in Michigan. Living in the country was going to be a nice change for the large family. The family's house is bordered by a soybean field on one side and corn on the other two.
10:48 PM Oct 4, 2010
Lucky for her she wasn't on the lawnmower when it caught fire.