4:48 PM Aug 13, 2010
Norwalk city officials received a bit of a scare recently. City Councilman Dwight Tkach mentioned during Tuesday's council meeting that the recently-completed bridge on Shawmill Road north of Norwalk might need some more work. Tim Lloyd, assistant engineer at the Erie County engineer's office, clarified the situation. "We have a couple leaking joints," Lloyd said. "It needs corrected with some water-proofing. There is nothing structurally wrong."
4:44 PM Aug 13, 2010
It appears a new twist has been added to the Sofios Park settlement saga. The situation did set up like this. Kayleen and Mark Lee, of 6 Brian Lane, are attempting to claim a small portion of Sofios Park on the city's north side through adverse possession. The Lees have stated either themselves or prior property owners have maintained and constructed permanent structures on the property for at least 21 years.
4:32 PM Aug 13, 2010
The outside of attorney George Ford's private office has been vandalized again. The longtime defense attorney reported someone damaged the wooden slats, which he had built over a window, on the front of his business, 9 Whittlesey Ave. He reported the incident just before 2 p.m. Monday and told Norwalk Police Officer Jim Montana he suspected it happened overnight. "There are about five slats which are bent or pulled out in what appears to be an attempt at just removing the slats," Montana said in his report.
1:43 PM Aug 12, 2010
The Erie County Sheriff's Office suspects three area break-ins are related. There were two recent break-ins in Oxford Township, on Harris and Mason roads, and the third was on River Road in Milan Township. Capt. Paul Sigsworth estimates the offenses happened between about 11 p.m. Tuesday and 4 a.m. Wednesday, with all of them involving entries into barns or garages detached from the victims' homes. "All were similar," he said. "They certainly seem to be connected."
1:38 PM Aug 12, 2010
If you sit in the wooden bleachers across from the grandstand at the Huron County Fairgrounds next week, you might notice a new coat of paint. You can thank two inmates at the Huron County Jail for their hard work.
1:31 PM Aug 12, 2010
The Norwalk Parks and Recreation Department does not appear to be in favor of the proposed settlement agreement between the city and the Lee family involving a small strip of land near the Sofios soccer complex. In legislation that is currently before city council, the city is offering the Lees a stretch of land 210-foot long by 13-foot wide where the Lees already have a fence and shed located. In return, the Lees, of 6 Brian Lane, would pay the city $546 in settlement.
1:26 PM Aug 12, 2010
Some of you may remember the old-fashioned game called "telephone." You sat around in a circle, and one person started a "message" by whispering it into the ear of the person next to her. Then that person would whisper the "message" into the ear of the next person, and so on, until it got around to the last person, who would then say the "message" out loud. The point of the game was that the way the "message" ended up was rarely the way it started -- somehow, in the repetition, it got changed into something different and often humorous.
1:22 PM Aug 12, 2010
Bridge replacement work will begin on the bridge on U.S. 250 near the county line south of Milan in the next few weeks and is expected to affect both motorists and business owners. The construction, which is expected to begin shortly after Labor Day, will cut off the flow of traffic from Milan to the north side of Norwalk. Businesses in both Milan and Norwalk are bracing for the change in traffic flow but are doing so in different ways.
1:18 PM Aug 12, 2010
You know the economy has taken a turn for the worse. Men are selling their Playboys. In the Reflector's classified section you will find an area man selling nearly every issue of the adult magazine printed from 1994 to the present. "When you have every issue from the past 15 to 20 years they tend to take up a lot of space," said the Norwalk man, who didn't want to give his name.
1:14 PM Aug 12, 2010
The fast-growing Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill will add a location in Erie County's Perkins Township early next year. A Chipotle restaurant will be added to the building that currently houses Max and Erma's at 4318 Milan Road, which is near the Sandusky Mall, the Sandusky Register reported. Max and Erma's will be downsized, but remain open as the two eateries will share the building, the newspaper added.
1:10 PM Aug 12, 2010
Richard A. Bush Jr. denies being intoxicated when he passed several vehicles Saturday in Greenfield Township. "I wasn't drunk. I don't have 10 DUIs. I've gotten seven in my lifetime," the Norwalk man said Wednesday. Bush, 50, of 41 E. Washington St., Apt. 1C, was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and failure to control in connection with losing control about 4:30 p.m. on Ohio 61 about 100 feet north of Hanville Corners Road.
4:21 PM Aug 11, 2010
A former Willard man was ordered Tuesday to pay $33,260 in back child support for two biological children he's never met. Despite a prior criminal record which included a prison term, Jason A. Atkins, 33, of Tiffin, was placed on three years of probation. Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway also ordered him to undergo drug and alcohol counseling. Conway said his biggest concerns were Atkins getting on his feet, maintaining his employment and making child support payments.
4:18 PM Aug 11, 2010
Jeremy Cook and Colin Hardman made their initial appearances Tuesday in Huron County Juvenile Court. One day earlier a tipster recognized the previously missing boys at the McDonald's on Milan Avenue and notified police. Cook, 16, of 5 Manahan Ave., entered denials to a probation violation and first-degree misdemeanor counts of falsification and theft. The boy left his grandmother's house without permission while on house arrest Aug. 4, the same day he is accused of stealing a winning lottery ticket from her, Judge Timothy Cardwell said.
4:12 PM Aug 11, 2010
Eric Gale took more than a million steps, logging more than 500 miles, in eight weeks. But Gale, a maintenance employee at Fisher-Titus Medical Center (FTMC), isn't using his feat as a reason to boast. For Gale, it's more an example of someone who works in a health care inspiring others to become physically fit.
4:11 PM Aug 11, 2010
Eric Gale took more than a million steps, logging more than 500 miles, in eight weeks. But Gale, a maintenance employee at Fisher-Titus Medical Center (FTMC), isn't using his feat as a reason to boast. For Gale, it's more an example of someone who works in a health care inspiring others to become physically fit.
4:01 PM Aug 11, 2010
Monroeville business owner Jeff Pean had his day in court Tuesday. Pean, who owns Pean's Pizza, Subs and Sudz, appeared in Norwalk Municipal Court after he and his wife were recently cited by Monroeville police for being in violation of the village's paving ordinance. The police were under the direction of the Norwalk law director's office, which handles the criminal division for Monroeville. Assistant Law Director Doug Clifford reviewed the file and found Pean's was in violation of the paving ordinance.
3:57 PM Aug 11, 2010
Norwalk city council held a spirited discussion regarding the proposed settlement for a small piece of Sofios Park property at Tuesday night's meeting. The deal is this. Kayleen and Mark Lee, of 6 Brian Lane, have claimed a portion of city property on the north side that would be part of the Sofios Park through adverse possession, claiming the property has been maintained by themselves or a prior resident for at least 21 years.
3:23 PM Aug 11, 2010
About 300 people attended the All-School Norwalk High School Alumni Reunion last year. "We'd like to exceed that," Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty said about this year's event. The reunion will be from 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday at the NHS gymnasium. The marching band will be performing at the free gathering about 2:30 p.m.
3:19 PM Aug 11, 2010
I was catching up on some reading recently -- back issues of Golf Digest and Golf Magazine that had been piling up on me. In one from a couple months back, there was a fascinating story about the market for counterfeit golf clubs and efforts to shut it down in China. In various parts of Asia it seems, "entrepreneurs" have top-line golf clubs, bags and balls manufactured by such stalwart American companies as Callaway, Titleist and Ping, reverse engineered the products and sold them as genuine.
1:43 PM Aug 10, 2010
Croghan Colonial Bank is sponsoring the Small Business Reinvention Scholarship Program for Uptown Norwalk Historic District businesses to attend Jon Schallert's Destination Business Bootcamp in Colorado in September 2010. The boot camp teaches business owners new methods of bringing more customers and tourists to their stores and to the community. Croghan Colonial Bank's scholarship provides the tuition for business owners to attend the learning experience while each business owner pays for their travel expenses.
1:37 PM Aug 10, 2010
Kathleen Schaffer said it's good to have friends. That has made the last week a little bit easier for the Schaffer family following the Aug. 1 fire at Shamrock Tavern. A fire in the upstairs apartment caused extensive damage and forced the closing of the tavern, Cameo Pizza and Pat's Barber Shop.