NORWALK The following people were recently convicted of crimes in Norwalk Municipal Court, Judge John Ridge presiding: Ryan M. McWilliams, 23, 39 W. Hooker St., New London; theft; conviction date: Aug. 5; fine, $100; costs, $60; jail, 30 days, 30 days suspended; defendant shall have two years probation; defendant shall have two years no convictions; defendant shall show proof of six months substance abuse counseling by Mar. 5, 2009; defendant shall pay fine and cost within 60 days. Aaron M. Carmen, 30, 1310 Greenfield Dr., Willard; registration violation; conviction date: Aug. 5; fine, $100; costs, $50; defendant shall pay fine and cost within 30 days. Jerry N. Woodard, 63, 56 Sand Trail, Willard; insufficient public display of firearms; conviction date: Aug. 5; fine, $100; costs, $50; defendant shall pay fine and cost within 30 days.
A Norwalk teenager has a preliminary hearing today in Norwalk Municipal Court in connection with stealing about $200 from a neighbor who earlier let him borrow some money. If Kyle V. Osborn, 19, of 4941 N. Old State Road, waives the hearing, his case could be transferred to Huron County Common Pleas Court for a possible grand jury indictment. Milan Police Sgt. Bob Meister arrested Osborn after he came to the station Friday at Meister's request and was interviewed. Chief Jim Ward said the victim earlier let the suspect borrow about $20. He said Osborn apparently noticed where the man kept the money, so he returned to the home when nobody was home and stole the $200. "He entered through a back door of the home," Ward said. "He went into a neighbor's house, which is across the road and is actually in the village (of Milan)."
Norwalk Teachers Association (NTA) President Matt Lark recently congratulated the NTA members on "their awesome support" in obtaining a new, fair contract by boycotting all the open houses. "Our negotiating team ... looks forward to being able to proclaim that our association has 100 percent participation in our efforts to achieve a fair contract. Remember, your participation in the crisis team's recommended activities will accelerate the negotiations process so that we can all get back to business as usual," Lark wrote in a letter to NTA members.
Norwalk Furniture has convinced Comerica Bank for "minimal funds" to let dealers know if they have finished orders sitting in the almost-empty plant. "The bank released just a minimal amount of funds," said Mary Geretz, receptionist and long-time employee. "We had furniture that was already through the production process it was ready, inspected, wrapped and ready to go out."
GALION - Galion Tiger head football coach Chris Hawkins can see the light at the end of the tunnel. After six-straight seasons of suffering, the Tigers are off to a 2-1 start. Galion hosts Norwalk (0-3) Friday in the Northern Ohio League opener for each team.
With little foreign or domestic policy success over the past eight years to trumpet at their convention last week, the Republican Party instead tried to shift the focus of the campaign to the personalities of those involved. The plan obviously was to show to the nation that Sen. John McCain and his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, unlike Democrat Sen. Barack Obama, were not latte-sipping, Volvo-driving, arugula-eating lawyer eggheads, but were more Schlitz-drinking, snowmobile driving, moose-burger eating regular guy (and gal) types, just like you and me. No easy task when one considers the senator's seven or eight homes (not even one of which is in foreclosure), those $520 Ferragamo loafers he's fond of wearing, and the $3,000 dress with $297,000 in accessories his wife, Cindy, was wearing on the convention's opening night when she was encouraging the rest of us not to be stingy and cough up some money for hurricane victims.
HURON - Authorities shut down Ohio 13 between Scheid Road and Ohio 2 for about six hours after a sedan collided with a tractor-trailer Tuesday morning. The state Highway Patrol and Erie County Sheriff's Office detoured traffic as crews cleaned up the crash site.
NEW LONDON - A large crowd gathered Wednesday night at the New London Grange Hall for a potluck dinner and an opportunity to meet candidates running for office in the November election. The event was sponsored by the Huron County Pomona Grange and Roland Tkach, master of both the Wakeman and Pomona granges, welcomed the audience and outlined some of the services Huron County granges provide to their communities.
Norwalk Furniture President Jim Gerken sent an update to employees today saying he hopes a new company can step in and take over. "Norwalk Furniture is pursuing a plan to resume production through the lease or sale of the assets located in Norwalk, Ohio. This would enable a new company to complete the work in process and fill the orders in the backlog as well as to continue production on an ongoing basis.
SANDUSKY - Colonel Tom Moe knows firsthand about John McCain's resiliency. He's seen, through the peephole he drilled through his cell wall, signs of McCain's mental toughness.
The Norwalk school board authorized district treasurer Kenneth France to advertise for bids to replace the Main Street School auditorium/gymnasium roofs during Tuesday night's regular meeting. The cost will be about $50,000. Dustin Brown, the director of support services, said there have been some leaks which have been repaired, but there could be "future issues" in the winter. He wants to "move forward and not wait until next year."
"It still burns" the pain and shock of watching almost 3,000 people die as thousands more struggled to help and make sense of the world on Sept. 11, 2001. That's the feeling of Sgt. Jody Passeno, a recruiter assistant for the Norwalk Army/National Guard office. He had retired from active duty, but was completing physical therapy to be able to join the National Guard when he heard on the radio that a plane had hit the north tower of the World Trade Center at 8:45 a.m.
The white shirt brigade was out in full force Tuesday night. A majority of the Norwalk Teachers Association (NTA) about 175 people all stood up when Norwalk school board president Rob Ludwig asked if anyone wanted to speak during public participation.
The parents of a deceased social worker have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver responsible for killing her and his employer. The Huron County Common Pleas Court lawsuit alleges that defendant Jeremy S. Litton, now 31, was on the clock for Penn Line Service Inc. while driving a company vehicle for the Pennsylvania contractor when Cherilyn S. Calvert was killed in the 2006 crash. The lawsuit also accuses Litton and Penn Line, which specializes in electric utility and power line construction and maintenance, of careless and negligent behavior. It took a lot to do in William "Casey" Rupp. The 84-year-old Norwalk man died Monday in the hospital, but he didn't get there the way most men his age do he'd fallen from his roof after spending four hours repairing the roof in the mid-day heat. None of his neighbors heard his calls for help, but when mailman Bob Kissling heard and came to Rupp's aid he was calm and coherent. Rupp probably drew from his vast experience in tough situations.
The St. Paul girls' golf team improved to 5-0 Tuesday with a win over both Margaretta and Norwalk at Eagle Creek Golf Club. The Lady Flyers, paced by Kayla Bevier's 47, scored a 201 to the Polar Bears 203. Norwalk checked in with a 243.
Norwalk City Council discussed spending about $40,000 to upgrade traffic lights, got its first information about legalizing golf carts on city streets and discussed the responsibility of landlords for their tenant's water bills at Tuesday night's work session. Dale Sheppard, safety/service director, said the cost for improving street lights would be paid back within 2 1/2 years by cost savings from replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs.
Thanks to Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino magnate, Karl Rove, President George Bush's political smear consultant, will have hundreds of millions of dollars to spend going after Sen. Barack Obama and Democratic candidates, and outside groups will also be doing everything they can to dismantle Democratic campaigns. In the lead will be Freedom's Watch, a shadowy group whose strategies for undermining Democratic candidates and defeating change are being masterminded by Rove, who will "say anything, do anything" by scorched earth tactics he and George Bush unleashed on America in 2000 and 2004. Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, popular in rural Ohio at the Democratic National Convention on Aug. 22, helped Sen. Clinton to a 9-percent-point victory in Ohio's March 4 primary, pushed the party's attack against Republican John McCain that he's out of touch with average Americans on kitchen table issues. "When I was a little boy, I went to a one room school house," he said, playing up his rural roots.
COLLINS - The Western Reserve Board of Education and the Western Reserve Education Association have approved a contract that will run from July 1 of this year to June 30, 2011. In a special meeting Monday the board agreed to 3 percent salary increases for each year of the agreement, and in return, the teachers OKed what Treasurer Brett Robson called "tremendous concessions" in their health benefits, similar to those agreed to by the non-certified staff.
With the non-league schedule out of the way for area teams, let's see how the three local conferences fared. Leading the way is the Firelands Conference with a combined record of 15-9. The Northern Ohio League came in at 13-11, while the Sandusky Bay Conference finished 10-14.
NEW LONDON - The cat issue seems to have nine lives in the village. Resident Denver Moore appeared before council Monday to protest the body's defeat of the ordinance designed to alleviate the cat problem. Moore said his wife has severe asthma which can be worsened by the presence of a cat. "We have got to do something about the cats," he said. "You guys turned it down, and there's no law that says you can't reopen it."