4:00 PM Jul 6, 2014
She was the 6-month-old blue-eyed girl found with a bundle of clothes, baby formula and a note pinned to her blanket.
2:00 PM Jul 6, 2014
"One Day: A Musical" is Joe Kowalski's first full-length film.
12:00 PM Jul 6, 2014
Disease with no cure causes headaches and fever, severe diarrhea, vomiting and bleeding and has been known to kill up to 90 percent of its victims.
10:00 AM Jul 6, 2014
Jail chiller replacement could cost up to $180,000.
9:54 AM Jul 6, 2014
County, location will announced later
8:00 AM Jul 6, 2014
Suspect in jail accused of killing his 22-month-old.
6:00 AM Jul 6, 2014
Suspect was secretly indicted.
8:00 PM Jul 5, 2014
Clergyman convicted of brutally killing a nun.
4:00 PM Jul 5, 2014
Chenango Road property in New London Twp. tops this week's list
3:37 PM Jul 5, 2014
Another big Fourth of July finale
12:00 PM Jul 5, 2014
Suspect fleeing from a Highway Patrol trooper ran several stop signs and slammed into the passenger side of the officers‘ sport-utility vehicle.
10:00 AM Jul 5, 2014
Before his death, man had worked for ODOT for almost 20 years.
8:00 AM Jul 5, 2014
The registry was modeled after the sex offender registry and is maintained by the state attorney general.
6:00 AM Jul 5, 2014
Victim flown from scene to Toledo hospital.
9:00 PM Jul 4, 2014
Block party scheduled to celebrate the accomplishment of 62-year-olds.