Victim, 19, suffered open head injury and fractured skull.
Fire covered about 150 feet.
Guilty verdicts involved three of five accusers.
New $60 million facility will stand on 27 acres and create 230 jobs.
Local woman charged with DUI, driving with a suspended license and failutre to control.
North Korean government reportedly is incensed over a movie comedy titled "The Interview."
Norwalk woman: "I don't understand this at all."
Suspect arrested near crime scene, charged with burglary and rape.
Event moves from Milan to downtown Cleveland; Tastes of the World theme adds to festivities
More than 4,400 customers were affected.
John Force, Antron Brown and Erica Enders-Stevens earn victories at Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals in Norwalk.
Man faces several charges after 1:47 a.m. incident.
Twelve people lost their lives in traffic crashes during four-day reporting period; four of the fatal crashes were alcohol-related.
Holden Arboretum-Cleveland Botanical Garden alliance touted by officials.
Man wasn't wearing a helmet when his Harley-Davidson hit a utility pole, ejecting him.
About 1.3 million people saw their benefits vanish in December, and another 2 million in the months since then.