8:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
Group boasts campaign of attacks would take place during Muslim holy month of Ramadan, hich began two weeks ago.
7:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
“Until you experience the terror, you just can’t know.”
6:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
Inordinate number of blowouts are bad for TV ratings.
5:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
Woman tests at more than twice the legal limit for alcohol; she was driving at twice the speed limit when rear-ended car.
4:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
High court: Sedative's use not unconstitutionally cruel and unusual punishment.
3:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
They were married by the mayor, who is the couple’s neighbor.
2:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
As of Friday, 443 candidates had filed with Federal Election Commission to register as 2016 presidential candidate.
1:00 PM Jun 30, 2015
Clean Water Act defines U.S. regulatory control as applying to “navigable waters.”
11:00 AM Jun 30, 2015
“We’ve got to keep making sure hard work is rewarded."
9:00 AM Jun 30, 2015
Abortion rights activists and providers heave sigh of relief.
9:00 PM Jun 29, 2015
Victim known as a “jack of all trades” who could be counted on to “lend a helping hand."
8:00 PM Jun 29, 2015
More than 41 million Americans to travel for Independence Day celebrations.
7:00 PM Jun 29, 2015
Big year for stink bugs is bad news for consumers.
6:00 PM Jun 29, 2015
"It was just unfortunate, with the teams we had, we were never able to win a World Series.”
5:00 PM Jun 29, 2015
States have option of extending Medicaid eligibility to all non-elderly adults who make less than 138% of poverty line.
4:00 PM Jun 29, 2015
Keeping bug guts off airplanes is a NASA’s mission.
3:00 PM Jun 29, 2015
Vaccine only 19% effective in preventing medical visits due to flu-related complications.
2:00 PM Jun 29, 2015
Andrew Jackson, whose image is on the $20 bill, was an outspoken opponent of a central bank and paper currency.