I put out the online call and long-time sci-fi/superhero film genre fan David Hudson answered the call.


Reporter Aaron Krause, who has the desk directly to my right, kept saying last week he might actually go see "Curse of the Flesh" this past weekend.


During a break in the rush of getting today's paper out, Aaron said: "I saw you on-screen this weekend."


Sorry I didn't get to blog last week, but I was up to my elbows with traveling for interviews followed by the necessary writing Thursday and Friday.


The DVD age has spoiled us by letting audiences see extras AFTER a film is released, but how about getting the extras from a newspaper story that hasn't been published yet?


The pairings have been announced for Season 9 of “Dancing With the Stars.”

And yes, it’s true — no Julianne this season. But that’s OK because there will plently of fun things to watch. Here are the pairings, along with a little commentary:

The person behind the online grassroots campaign to keep Sara Sidle on "CSI" must have it bad for Jorja Fox — or must actually enjoy the painfully non-romantic, chemistry-less so-called romance between Sara and Grissom. (I still can't believe they're engaged! Ugh.)


I really thought "CSI" producer Naren Shenkar was kidding with Entertainment Weekly in September about swapping creative teams with "Two and a Half Men."


Apparently not.


Death always manages to grab us by the short hairs. Being someone who loves movies, I'm repeatedly saddened when the Hollywood community loses another star.


I know I am because of the writer's strike. (Of course, I find it relaxing to catch a flick while playing the couch potato.)


I've been catching up on several movies and here are my three- to four-sentence reviews:


Good news for Grissom geeks (aren't we all?)! The Hollywood Reporter is, uh, reporting "CSI" is one of 11 CBS shows that will return for the 2008-2009 season.


To quote Michael Jordan: I'm back.


OK, my return to the Reflector blogs might not be as anticipated as the iconic MJ's return to "da Bulls," but I can at least hope I was missed.


Another week, another repeat.


That should be our mantra in the midst of the writer's strike. It's a sad state of affairs when I have a better chance of watching an episode I've never seen on Spike TV than I do on CBS.


Just a few things I noticed about last night's episode:


Could some new "CSI" episodes be in the distant future?


And you thought I forgot about this blog ...


"The Wrestler" (R, 2008): I'd heard so much about Mickey Rourke's performance, I had to see it.

The story was rather forgettable, but I enjoyed seeing Grissom and Jack Malone go toe-to-toe. At least in the "CSI" episode.