Sorry I didn't get to blog last week, but I was up to my elbows with traveling for interviews followed by the necessary writing Thursday and Friday.


The DVD age has spoiled us by letting audiences see extras AFTER a film is released, but how about getting the extras from a newspaper story that hasn't been published yet?


The pairings have been announced for Season 9 of “Dancing With the Stars.”

And yes, it’s true — no Julianne this season. But that’s OK because there will plently of fun things to watch. Here are the pairings, along with a little commentary:

Reporter Aaron Krause, who has the desk directly to my right, kept saying last week he might actually go see "Curse of the Flesh" this past weekend.


During a break in the rush of getting today's paper out, Aaron said: "I saw you on-screen this weekend."


Death always manages to grab us by the short hairs. Being someone who loves movies, I'm repeatedly saddened when the Hollywood community loses another star.


I know I am because of the writer's strike. (Of course, I find it relaxing to catch a flick while playing the couch potato.)


I've been catching up on several movies and here are my three- to four-sentence reviews:


Good news for Grissom geeks (aren't we all?)! The Hollywood Reporter is, uh, reporting "CSI" is one of 11 CBS shows that will return for the 2008-2009 season.


The person behind the online grassroots campaign to keep Sara Sidle on "CSI" must have it bad for Jorja Fox — or must actually enjoy the painfully non-romantic, chemistry-less so-called romance between Sara and Grissom. (I still can't believe they're engaged! Ugh.)


I really thought "CSI" producer Naren Shenkar was kidding with Entertainment Weekly in September about swapping creative teams with "Two and a Half Men."


Apparently not.


To quote Michael Jordan: I'm back.


OK, my return to the Reflector blogs might not be as anticipated as the iconic MJ's return to "da Bulls," but I can at least hope I was missed.


Another week, another repeat.


That should be our mantra in the midst of the writer's strike. It's a sad state of affairs when I have a better chance of watching an episode I've never seen on Spike TV than I do on CBS.


Just a few things I noticed about last night's episode:


Could some new "CSI" episodes be in the distant future?


Who knew that Nick's impromptu rendition of "Mandy" would help me confirm I had seen (the last quarter of) Thursday's episode? And who knew George Eads has such a nice singing voice?


And you thought I forgot about this blog ...


"The Wrestler" (R, 2008): I'd heard so much about Mickey Rourke's performance, I had to see it.