Have you ever watched a film you haven't seen in quite a while and discover it feels as fresh as when you saw it originally? (There's a lot of critics who need to do that before they do their umpteenth brief rehash of a film they despise …)


I decided I needed to put my money where my mouth is. Having become a recent advocate for critics (and fans) taking an open-minded look at a film they haven't seen in a while, I decided to do the same thing with "Batman" (PG-13, 1989).


So that's how "CSI" is doing its writers' swap with "Two and a Half Men."


… once I again I'm compelled to blog about another topic covered here: a certain cowled crimefighter. Remember this blog is named "Cary's Crime Craze," so I can opine on all things "CSI" as well as the Caped Crusader.


OK, that's not the most accurate headline in the world, but hopefully it got you reading this far … and besides my readers know I love alliteration. I did watch last week's "CSI," but honestly there's nothing to say except it was forgettable.

HOLLYWOOD — A former Sandusky resident has reached for the stars by moving to Hollywood. And now he has reached them — quite literally, by snagging a non-speaking role as an extra in J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" film, which is being released May 8, 2009.


The pop culture stars have aligned and now I can legitimately tie my obsession with Batman into "CSI."


By my count, I've seen exactly one good episode since the writers' strike ended. And it looks like I'll have to wait for next week to see another good one when they finally wrap up the Warrick storyline with the crime boss link.

Superherohype.com says there might be some viral marketing for "The Dark Knight" attached to "CSI." (A new trailer during Thursday's show, perhaps?) If you hear anything, let me know.


Last night's episode got me thinking.


Brass and the CSI agents are portrayed as being quite aggressive in questioning suspects or people attached to a crime.


Who would have thought one of my favorite shows would have been a topic of conversation during a Huron County drug trial this week?


In one week, we'll finally get to see a new episode! That's right, new; it's hard to believe.  I'm actually going to have to remind myself to tune into CBS at 9 p.m. next week.


Like last week, not much to say about the storylines themselves.


Fairly forgettable, but there were some good character moments in last night's show. Here are some thoughts — as forgettable as they might be as well.


… because that's when "CSI" will be back on the air with the first of six new (!) episodes. Sister shows "CSI: Miami" returns March 24 with eight shows and "CSI: NY" starts its seven-episode run April 2.


Last night's episode (albeit a repeat, of course) was an absolute classic.