• There's one good thing about Grissom leaving — If he's gone, so will the Lady Heather stories. And that means no more S&M stories. OK, that's technically two, but you get my point.

• Catherine: "Is that normal?" Coroner: "Grissom being socially awkward? Yes."

Welcome back, everyone!


The cast was announced today for “Dancing With the Stars” Season Nine, which begins Sept. 21.


With all credit to DWTS blogger Matt Roche, I thought I'd do a one-week countdown to CSI. No, I won't be doing daily blogs — and there trutfully isn't a lot of news to report, but William "Grissom" Petersen shared his possible future/life after "CSI" plans with TV Guide.

I had read about Misty May's injury online before tonight's show, so I was hoping it was a bit of inaccurate reporting.


Unfortunately, that was not to be. Heartbroken doesn't begin to describe what I am after hearing she had to leave the show.


Congrats to Olympic Gymnast! She deserved it. Better freestyle choices by Melissa (Tony, really) and/or French Guy might have brought different results.

This might be a first about something Batman-related: I'm almost at a loss for words.


I just finished watching the "Batman: Gotham Knight" DVD last night, along with the extras.


Here are some more random thoughts on “The Dark Knight.”


Be prepared for much more negativity than usual since I’ll be nitpicky in justifying taking a half of a letter grade off a very fine film.


BEWARE of storyline SPOILERS:


When you think of sidekicks, Robin the Boy Wonder has to be one of the first to pop in your mind.


I don't even think the word "sidekick" joined the cultural lexicon until Dick Grayson made his first appearance waaaaaaay back in 1940 (Batman No. 1).


"In brightest day, in blackest night No evil shall escape my sight Let those who worship evil's might Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!"


I obviously think so.


Granted, Samuel L. Jackson has been in a TON of movies. Not always great flicks, but he's always been memorable, if not great, in whatever he's done.


Director J.J. Abrams may indeed have brought the necessary punch to the extremely tired "Star Trek" franchise to make his May 8, 2009 film a box office blockbuster.


And what a return it was. Last night's episode absolutely was one of the strongest ones in quite a while. Top notch acting


all the way around. I could feel how heavy Warrick's death weighed on the hearts of each of the CSIs.


HOLLYWOOD — Most of us certainly never have the opportunity to be a part of film history.


Former Huron Township resident Jerry Wible has those bragging rights. He played an extra in "Star Trek."


The Voice is going to be The Man on "CSI."


The producers hit it out of the park by casting Laurence Fishburne as the character destined to replace Grissom.


CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler confirmed William "Grissom" Peterson will leave the show after the 10th episode during the annual TV critics tour in Beverly Hills.


I've recently seen some trailers online for two upcoming animated series and one movie. Here are my quick hit reviews: