Well that was an unexpected ending on "Dancing With The Stars." But that's OK, because neither Black Barbie nor Rodeo Dude was headed to the finals.

So it was the Viennese waltz and paso doble. Here's a dance-by-dance review, in order of their performances: Julianne's Boyfriend - Beautiful waltz. Great choreography. Noted his improved performance. Surprised Carrie Ann didn't. BTW - Saw McCartney's Ex. LT - Liked his mean look in the paso.

Maybe they should call it DWTIS - "Dancing With The INJURED Stars"! Or as my wife joked: "Breaking The Stars." More bumps, bruises, breaks, tears and mic-pack-induced back injuries surfaced during Week 2 of DWTS Season 8 on Monday.

Well I guess I just used my last Go-Gos song reference. That's because Go-Go-Dancer didn't have the beat and voters weren't head of heels for her. Oh, I guess I just used two more. Cool. Kudos to Dancin' Queen for correctly picking that to happen on the last blog entry.

Before they announced the first four who were safe, I told my wife: "How about the three tied for first place and a shocker." And sure enough, it played out exactly that way, with Bill Gates' Rival being the shocker. Next shocker: MTV Jack--- survived as well.

OK, I'll admit it. I was in the room when my wife watched the "Bachelor" finale and after-the-rose episode Monday night. We also watched Jason Mesnick's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, and that was hilarious!

Thanks, everyone, for label name suggestions. We'll come back to that. First, we have the official pairings for Season Eight of "Dancing With The Stars," which debuts March 9.

Monday's the day. Are you excited?

ABC will progressively reveal the cast of Season 8 of "Dancing With the Stars" during its primetime shows Sunday night. Rumors, of course, continue to circulation that Donny Osmond will be among the celebs.

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post. Welcome DWTS fan. And welcome back BarB, Jennifer, Cary and Dancin' Queen. We should have some company this season. Also, kudos to Jennifer for posting the link to the pictures of the dancing couples.

Being timely after Thursday shows has been killing me. (In other words, it hasn't been happening.)

What a GREAT episode!

A five stun-gun salute to the writers and producers for satirizing, yet also respecting, the sci-fi/comic con culture while at the same time providing some of the best one-liners in many, many shows.

Thanks to Jon Favreau's regular tweeting, he's given us a nifty breakdown on the first week of filming of "Iron Man 2."