Now that’s what I’m talking about! The second half of “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday, with the Latin dances of the decades, produced the best string of dances all season. I watched four of the five a second time — and I may watch them again tonight, thanks to the DVR.

The Huron County Workforce Response Team is sponsoring an open workshop on avoiding home foreclosure.  The workshop will be held on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Access to free voice mail is now available to individuals through participating social service agencies in the 419 area code of northwest Ohio who do not have a telephone because they are without a permanent residence or cannot afford telephone service.


So it’s up to the voters as to whether Donny or Ozzy’s Brat survives tonight’s elimination and advances to the finals on “Dancing With the Stars.”

One might assume, since I'm a heterosexual male comic book fan, that I'm OK with the way artists draw curvacious women. You'd be wrong.


Imagine pitching an action-adventure piece based loosely on mythology wrapped around elements of a romantic comedy as your project to feature one of the most well known super heroes ever.