No, this is not about a horse race. It's about Laurence Fishburne's character doing the first-ever triple crossover on "CSI"!


Tess Fisher is back on the (TV) crime-watching beat. Enjoy her review of "The Good Guys," which has an Ohio connection! …

EDITOR'S NOTE: This blog was written in April 2007, following the first day of the NFL draft.

Obviously, the biggest buzz recently with Cavs fans has been the mega-deal that brought Shaquille O'Neal to Cleveland.

Looking forward to tonight's "Dancing with the Stars" episode. However, I won't be able to blog about it as soon as I usually do. So, I thought I'd turn to you all for a little help. On this post, after watching tonight's dances, please share YOUR dance-by-dance reviews and observations.

Fun, fun night on DWTS! Liked the pro dancers' outfits. Celebs did a tasteful job as designers. BTW - who dressed Samantha, Tom??? Group dance was highly entertaining. Agree with Len: sum was greater than the total of the parts.


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Well I guess Julianne's Boyfriend won't be wearing anymore girl's clothing for a while. That will please all of us Rodeo Dude fans who hoped he wouldn't be hitting the road. BTW - thanks for all of you commenters on the last post.

Surprise ending, that one. Thought for sure LT was gone home. Judging by the gasps, the crowd (and judges?) felt likewise. DAG improved his scores and STILL didn't have enough points/votes to stay. How low was he BEFORE the dance-off. BTW, what did y'all think of the dance-off format?

It was a wild ride for Rodeo Dude, but in the end the three most talented celebs made the finals on "Dancing With The Stars." Justice was served! And what a finals it should be!

What a freestyle! Olympic Gymnast delivered BIG TIME. Loved LOVED that routine. Fun song. Fun to watch. VERY energetic. And the precision and synchronicity - WOW! As for the other two, I totally agreed with the judges. As I was watching Melissa, I was reminded of the early 90s club scene.

First thought when I saw Tony coming down the stairs alone: uh-oh. But the night still proved to be a fun one on "Dancing With The Stars." And as it turns out, Melissa got to compete via a taped rehearsal. Here's my review, in order of the performances: French Guy - Nine! Nine! Nine!

First and foremost: YES! Dance Center returns tonight. Now, on to today's Monday's show. Weird start. Thought I was watching the results show. Thought maybe I had selected the wrong episode on my DVR.

Well a lot of us correctly guessed the "bottom three" but only Dancing Newbie and I correctly picked Bimbo and Bill Gates' Rival as the two getting the boot. Thanks to all who replied, including newcomer NFL Guy. BTW - where's BarB and Dancin' Queen?

If things go as expected, Rodeo Dude will depart tonight, leaving French Guy, Melissa and Olympic Gymnast in next week's finals. But do things ever go as expected on "Dancing With The Stars"?

Maybe they should call it DWTIS - "Dancing With The INJURED Stars"! Or as my wife joked: "Breaking The Stars." More bumps, bruises, breaks, tears and mic-pack-induced back injuries surfaced during Week 2 of DWTS Season 8 on Monday.

Well I guess I just used my last Go-Gos song reference. That's because Go-Go-Dancer didn't have the beat and voters weren't head of heels for her. Oh, I guess I just used two more. Cool. Kudos to Dancin' Queen for correctly picking that to happen on the last blog entry.