He predicts, he shoots — he scores!

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


Boy, am I feeling good about myself.

The (Cleveland) PLAIN DEALER movie critic Clint O'Connor gave "Iron Man" an A, the same grade yours truly also gave it in Friday's paper. As often as I get irritated with Clint spending so much of a review recapping the story instead of giving me his opinion, I find that he has sound opinions.


So why else am I feeling full of myself? Do you remember my last blog in which I praised Robert Downey Jr. as being such a treat as Tony Stark/Iron Man? (You don't?! Then read it, silly!) EW film critic Ken Tucker says in this blog that Downey should be given serious consideration for an Oscar nomination. Downey certainly brings a sparkle to a well paced and scripted superhero movie. I also certainly can't imagine anyone else personifying Stark so well, but I wouldn't go quite that far …


However, I have been saying since my Feb. 8, 2006 "Cary's Comics Craze" column that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should be recognizing the work of stunt people and choreographers. And since there's FINALLY an Oscar for Best Animated Movie (and the truth be told, some winners like "Shrek" are more deserving than others depending on the year), creating a category for Best Action-Adventure Film is well overdue. But maybe the Academy might start thinking they'd become too much like the MTV Movie Awards.


Enough about my thoughts (for a second) and more about me feeling good about my predictions. Scour your brains for my Sept. 9, 2005 (!) "Craze" when I said there was no excuse for Hollywood not to make films based on The Avengers AND Iron Man. Less than a year later, Jan. 11, 2006 to be exact, I again suggested an Iron Man film plus Captain America AND Thor, despite them not having the same "Big Name public recognition" as Spider-Man, the X-Men, etc.


Now check out this statement from Marvel's first quarter report, released today: In order to focus its attention on maximizing the success of an 'Iron Man' sequel and the launch of 'Thor' in the summer of 2010 and because Marvel believes that the summer is the optimal time to launch a new property, the Company will not release a self-produced film in 2009. Marvel plans to launch its 2010 film slate with the release of the sequel, 'Iron Man 2,' on April 30, 2010, followed by the launch of 'Thor' on June 4, 2010. Additionally, Marvel is planting its feature film stakes for summer 2011 with an Avengers-themed summer – a two-picture project which will debut on May 6, 2011 with 'The First Avenger: Captain America' (working title), followed by 'The Avengers' in July 2011.


Who's The Man? Ashby — from waaaaay downtown!


One more thing, just to be clear. I've been saying since Feb. 8 of LAST year Matthew McConaughey would be perfect casting for Cap…


UPDATE: Posted about 3 1/4 hours after this blog, the Cinema Blend Web site posted this story, citing an anonymous scooper: "Scoop: Captain America May Be Matthew McConaughey." Click here to read their story and readers' comments.



Finally going to see it Tuesday,,,,,,,,, then I can see what you are talking about~!