'The Good Guys': Crime that makes you laugh

Cary Ashby
Jun 4, 2010


Tess Fisher is back on the (TV) crime-watching beat. Enjoy her review of "The Good Guys," which has an Ohio connection! …

"The Good Guys" is a comedy-drama series about two cops. One is an “old-school” type played by Bradley Whitford. He was one of my favorites as Josh Lyman on "West Wing" and the short-lived "Studio 60." His partner is a modern-day detective played by Colin Hanks. I was not familiar with him but they make a good partnership because of their different styles of crime-solving. He plays Jack, a by-the-rule cop who seems to have gotten a baby- sitting detail in working with Dan.

At first I could hardly believe Whitford was playing Dan, a nearly-washed up alcoholic cop who puts his job on the line with every move he makes. If not for his voice and dimples, I probably would not have recognized him. In "West Wing," he was a professional business man working in the White House, suites and ties, clean shaven. In GG, he has put on a few pounds, unshaven face, longer unkempt hair and a cheesy mustache that looks more like it belongs on a used car salesman’s face. As do his older tattered suits coats. I love that his acting skills are so versatile. Still, it was hard not to keep staring at him in disbelief that a few years ago, he played Josh.

The premise of the show is these unlikely partners are working in “routine investigations,” but the pilot episode leads into a heavy bust of international drug dealers. There is plenty of action and comedy all rolled into this hour of entertainment. Most shows out these days either focus on crime, cops and courts (not a bad thing) or comedy. "The Good Guys" is a combination of both, with some action from the actors personal lives thrown in. It always helps to know a bit of the characters background and interests. Right out of the gate, Dan (Whitford) has a sexual encounter with the victim of a robbery. By the end, it seems they have become a couple.

Gentlemen, you will like Diana-Maria Riva, who plays Lt. Ana Ruiz. She is an Ohio girl, from Cincy. You may know her from "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch." She also has been in a few episodes of "West Wing," "In Plain Site" and "Castle."

Looking at some reviews on message boards, there are a variety of opinions. It seems some either loved or hated it. I assume that is true with most shows. I believe if the writers can keep up with the adventure, the show may actually make it. This is created by the same crew that created "Burn Notice." I personally have not watched that show, but it seems to be hanging in there.

Check out "The Good Guys" on Fox Mondays nights at 9. Or save some time and set your DVR. (Or your VCR, if you're an "old school" TV viewer like me …) The pilot will most likely be running again, before next week’s series premiere. Try it out ~ you just never know. A little ridiculousness never hurt anyone!