Donny in jeopardy on DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


So it’s up to the voters as to whether Donny or Ozzy’s Brat survives tonight’s elimination and advances to the finals on “Dancing With the Stars.”
In terms of performance — and judges’ scoring — on Monday, the Brat deserves to go. Based on the season, Donny deserves it. Either way, the mirror ball trophy will wind up in the hands of either Mya or Younger Swimsuit Model at the conclusion of next week’s finals.
What did you think of last night’s semifinals?
Here’s my recap, in order of the performers (three dances per celeb):

Donny - Very ‘uncomfortable’ tango to watch (remember French Guy’s advice?). Didn’t like the song. Clunky dancing at times. Donny: “We were making stuff up right and left.” Obviously. LOL at Tom referring to Kym’s inability to “cover it up.” Their samba, though, seemed fun, even if it wasn’t a samba-ish song. Disagree with Carrie Ann - it wasn’t sloppy. The jitterbug was vigorous, with cute choreography.

Younger Swimsuit Model - The waltz was ‘amazing.’ An elegant, dizzying, graceful performance to a ‘Shrek’ song. (Good coaching, Cover Girl aka Brooke Burke.) Their cha-cha was captivating, with excellent musicality, rhythm and - as always with Derek - great choreography. That 30-second salsa was not nearly enough time for a hot, flirtatious number. BTW - Bruno makes me uncomfortable with his critiques of her.

Ozzy’s Brat - Her rumba highlighted her balance and flexibility. Bruno on eroticism: “Maybe you don’t know about it; and I can’t teach you.” Obviously. She nailed that quickstep. Precise footwork. Fine musicality. Enjoyable to watch. And her “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” cha-cha was a quickie showing just how far she has come. BTW - sorry to hear about her dog.

Mya - The waltz exuded romance and elegance, with great movement. BTW - I’m glad I’m not enrolled in Team D-Mya boot camp, camping in the studio and all. All I can say about that salsa is WOW. But I’ll say some more anyway. It was high-energy, hot, amazing, sensational - if you missed it, YouTube it, because ... WOW! And that concluding cha-cha, despite Carrie Ann’s gripe-and-9, was also worthy of three 10s.

* * *
YOUR TAKE: Is there anyway Mya doesn’t get the encore tonight? Yes - but only if it’s because there is NO encore. Looking forward to two-thirds of the Bee Gees tonight. As for who gets the boot, Donny is the low scorer. But Osmonds traditionally have incredibly strong fan bases. Of course, the Brat does too. This should be interesting. I’ll say the Brat goes home, sending Donny to the finals. Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? Does Bruno make YOU uncomfortable too? Please share your thoughts below.



I were Joanna I would get a restraining order on Bruno! Seriously.


Even tho Donny has the fan base.....Kelly has the momentum! big is Joanna's fan base??? She could be ousted too!
Will be a nail biter tonight! :) LOL!

Going out on a limb here....I'm going to guess Joanna will get the boot tonight. HOPE HOPE HOPE it's either Donny or Kelly....but too close to call.

Matt Roche

Nice work, GottaDance, with your current prediction that Younger Swimsuit Model would get the boot. After I read your post just before watching the show, and considered your reasoning, I thought that was a good possibility. Then when Donny was safe, I kind of knew... So again, good work!

Matt Roche

How did you do with your Final 3 predictions?

Here's the link from when we made our predictions. As you can see, some of us will have to be content with "two outta three ain't bad."

GottaDance and Jenn came the closest with this guess: Marie's Annoying Brother (aka Donny), Young Swimsuit Model and Mya. Had Ozzie's Brat gone instead of YSM, GottaDance and Jenn would have taken our mythical mirror ball trophy. And, for a tie-breaker, Jenn did post a follow-up comment in the same thread saying there is a possibility of Ozzie's Brat making it to the finals … (but replacing Mya, not YSM.)

jkchavanne and yours truely thought Back Street Boy Wannabe would join Donny and Mya.

IwatchUdance and Perkins Reader each got one right: The former got Mya, but YSM and BSBW let her down. The latter got Donny, with Olympic Swimmer and Iron Chef letting him down.

So thanks for playing everyone! Now let's talk about the finals …

Matt Roche

Almost forget about the show. Didn't fast-forward much. All of the acts were interesting. Liked seeing two-thirds of the BeeGees performing and Melissa dancing again. The "Under Pressure" video was fun. The "9" number was, uh, interesting. The dance pros segment was enjoyable. And, as predicted, Mya performed the encore. All in all, good job!

Matt Roche

For those of you who haven't heard, Julianne has said she will not return for Season 10 of DWTS this spring. She also broke up with Chuck Wicks. Here's the story in People magazine. Thanks, Perkins Reader, for the heads-up on that one.


As hard as it was to see Joanna go.....I'm glad for the pro's! Dimitry, Kym and Louie have never won the coveted mirror ball trophy. Will be nice to see a new face in that regard. AND with the exception of Kym....none have ever made the finals.

My thoughts going in is ANYONE could win. Mya is the best dancer but that rarely is a consideration for winning (consider Stacey, Mario, Scary Spice).....Donny has the fan base and Kelly has the momentum. Momentum IS A KILLER FACTOR! Consider Shawn last year.

I know I harp on this every season..but it will be the free dance that separates the winner from the 2nd and 3rd places. Remember Shawn and Mark? Remember Melissa and "what was Tony thinking doing the hip hop" number? And Giles and Cheryl rerun of FlashDance?

Who has the best free dance in them--Donny & Kym? Louie and Kelly? Mya and Dimitry?

Cary Ashby

Looking back on the season, it's obvious Mya has been the most consistently high-performing dancer of the season. From a talent POV, it's hers to lose.


BUT … you can't say enough about fanbases. That would mean an upset by Donny or even Kelly. You're right, GottaDance, momentum could play a huge factor. I've often said winning DWTS is as much about what one learns or how one improves over the season as it is about getting accolades from the judges and votes from the fans. (Look at Kelly from Season 1 as a prime example.) In that case, Kelly embodies that much more than Donny or Mya.


Gotta hand it to you, GottaDance, you're also right-on with the freestyle dance. It can make you or break you. The Bachelorette and Joe Fatone lost it with theirs, but to be fair, they had tough competition. I'm going to give the advantage to Donny and Kym b/c of Kym's prior experience and history of great choreagraphy.


I enjoyed the 2/3 Bee Gees' performance. It's still inconceivable how Barry Gibb can still sing that high at his age (63!). For once I gotta give it to the back-up singers, their contributions helped the 2/3 Bee Gees sound as good as they did. BUT, they don't get a free pass from me. Can we just fire them and start over next year? Their singing was truly off — A LOT — this season. And how 'bout Melissa?! Simply spectacular. She looked every bit as good on the dance floor as the pros did. It was great seeing her, uh, back. ;)



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