Free Voice Mail Program

Mar 29, 2010


Access to free voice mail is now available to individuals through participating social service agencies in the 419 area code of northwest Ohio who do not have a telephone because they are without a permanent residence or cannot afford telephone service.


The new service, Leader Voice Mail, made available through the efforts of the Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel (OCC), Leader Technologies Inc. and the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks, will enable users to retrieve messages from a voice mail box associated with a personal telephone numeber which can be accessed from any touch-tone telephone, including wireless, or by using the Internet.


Messages can be left and retrieved at a secure, anonymous location, enabling clients to search for or maintain a job, find housing, or stay in touch with family, medical professionals, or social service agencies.


For more information about Leader Voice Mail contact the OCC at 1-877-742-5622 or visit the OCC Web site (


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