Ozzy's Brat leaving DWTS tonight?

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Now that’s what I’m talking about! The second half of “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday, with the Latin dances of the decades, produced the best string of dances all season. I watched four of the five a second time — and I may watch them again tonight, thanks to the DVR.

Since those dances were so good, I’ll lead them with them in my celeb-by-celeb recap, in order of performances:

Mya - Incredible 70s samba. All the core moves peppered with disco tricks, set to a great Donna Summer’s tune. Best dance of the season thus far, so it fittingly earned the first 30. BTW great 70s look with Dmitry. Classic. As for her quickstep, it had a lot going on. They were moving the whole time, and their feet seemed to be in sync. LOL at Tom to Marie: “I almost fainted when I heard that,” referring to Len’s positive comments about Mya.

Back Street Boys Wannabe - His 90s samba was cool. High-energy and fun to watch. Noted the boy band moves at the end. Should’ve earned higher than three 9s, but it followed another incredible samba, which was a bit unfair. (Too bad they didn't perform in order of the decades.) LOL at Tom’s quip about the near-puke episode: “That would be our over-sharing moment of the evening.” As for his flu-less foxtrot, it was just OK for me. Wasn’t awesome, but didn’t stink. Not too old, not too young. Len’s got his back, though. “Who’s your daddy!”

Younger Swimsuit Model - If anyone else would have drawn the futuristic paso doble, it wouldn’t have been as good. Derek absolutely nailed it with his choreography, and she delivered with her execution of it. Incredible musicality. Amazing. As Bruno said in reference to Blade Runner, “a masterful reinvention of a classic.” Shocking that Carrie Ann didn’t follow suit with a 10 like Len and Bruno. LOL at her blonde line: “I’m so confused my brain is hurting.” As for her quickstep, it didn’t wow me. It was fast, but I too noted the technical problems.

Ozzy’s Brat - For me, her 60s jive was a let-down compared with the other four dances. It was just OK. The judges liked it more. Her foxtrot, though, was captivating. It was elegant and light. And it looked like she was enjoying it, once she dropped the tango face. Maybe Louie should remove her distractions more often. BTW what was up with those moving fluff balls?

Donny - This 80s paso was fun, fun, fun! Mesmerizing at times. Looked like Adam Ant dancing with Stevie Nicks. I got the gender-bending thing they were going for with the Dead of Alive “You Spin Me Right Round” tune. Not sure if the judges completely did. Guess I liked it better than the judges. As for his waltz, it was elegant and graceful. Donny’s Sister gave it two thumbs up. LOL at the Lifetime Original comparison.

* * *

AFTERMATH: Someone has to go tonight. Who’s it going to be? Despite Donny being tied for the bottom spot in terms of judges’ scoring, BSBW and the Brat seemed to be the most in jeopardy. The fact that last week BSBW scored the highest mark of the season, then competed in the elimination dance-off reveals his weak fan base. Still, he’s a superior dancer when compared with Brat, so I’m hoping her enjoyable time on DWTS comes to an end tonight.

If there’s an encore, I’m torn between wanting to see the 70s samba or futuristic paso. My guess is the judges will pick the paso.

Looking forward to seeing Sabrina aka Cheetah girl perform again (with Mark? - my guess). That is tonight, right?

Really looking forward to “Dance Center.” Kenny Mayne is hilarious.

* * *

YOUR TAKE - Sooooo … who do YOU think will get booted tonight? Who will perform that encore. And finally, who is your pick to win  it all? Please share by posting your comments below.



Cary Ashby

Wow — it's been a while since I've done this. My nightly schedule the last several weeks means I've been sporadic — at best — at watching DWTS.


The biggest highlights (I didn't see the first 20 or so minutes) were Mya's samba, the futuristic paso doble and both of Donny's dances. Kelly's fox trot was just lovely and elegant. (I know I'm losing guy points by using those adjectives — and watching DWTS according to three haters in the newsroom — but it's true!) Kelly really looked like she was enjoying herself. Sorry I missed Mya's quickstep. I was surprised Len enjoyed Derek's paso doble; I would have expected more of an "artsy fartsy" comment from him.


For Donny's Latin dance, I immediately thought: "So that's what it would look like if Adam Ant danced with Madonna." What a great tune! Who danced to it in the last couple of seasons? I agree with Carrie Ann (whose turned into Miss Cranky Pants Light) that his ruffled sleeves obscured his lines; a little less puffiness would have helped show his moves off much better. Speaking of costumes, did anybody else think Mya's partner had the 70s porno star vibe going on?


I agree BSBW also seemed to enjoy his 90s samba, but he didn't "sell it." There were times when he looked unsure of himself and his foot work looked sloppy — there was a lot of that overall last night. Kelly's 60s jive was rough; she didn't seem in synch with her partner at times. In the end, my money is on Aaron going home. He's been barely hanging on for weeks and Kelly's fans, like Miss Cranky Pants Light said, are her "secret weapon." Sorry Matt, it's time for Aaron to go bye-bye.

Matt Roche

Remember LT, the ex-football player celeb paired with Edyta a while back. He's in the headline, but for all the wrong reasons. Here's a link.



Aaron Carter must go. I agree that he is the superior dancer compared to Kelly, but I am SO ready to see him go. I'm really looking forward to Dance Center, and tonight's show...The cable guy just put new hi-def wires on our TV- what a picture!

Matt Roche

Carrie Ann twittered a few minutes ago that the futuristic paso is the encore tonight, and that DWTS has been nominated for a People's Choice award. For whatever that's worth.


Last season's pick to win was WRONG. There is no was that the little squatty body skater (It was time for the Olympic gold metal winners) was a better dancer than Gile. Of course he was not as big a name for the news media to promote. That turned me off on this show. The judges have to go. Especially Len. He decides he doesn't like someone and that's the end of them. Now this Kelly can't dance. She should have been dumped in the first round. She's awkward, clumsy, fat stubby legs. Yet, Len liked her so he praised her every mistake (and there were many). This is no longer a show judging the best dancer. It has become more a personality contest being judged by a bunch of has been dancers. The show has definitely lost me as a viewer. There is another dance show on at the same time, different channel. "So you think you can dance". It really IS about dancing, and the best dancers get the proper credit. Buy Bye Dancing with the stars.

Matt Roche

I know, that was an nSync song, but I was going for a boy band thing…


Any way, as expected by Cary, Jenn and (even though I hoped for a different outcome, because he was my preseason fav and a final 3 pick) yours truely, Back Street Boy Wannabe has been booted from 'DWTS.'


That leaves Mya, Younger Swimsuit Model, Donny and Ozzy's Brat competing in Monday's semifinals. Who's your pick? IMO don't count out Donny. Last season French Guy and Melissa seemed to have it all heading into the finals and Olympic Gymnast saved her best for last, taking the mirror ball trophy (much to the disappoinment of swannlady, based on her comments above.) BTW - I find "So You Think You Can Dance" rather boring. But that's my opinion.


As for Tuesday's Results Show, Dance Center was AWESOME. Did not disappoint. So many LOL moments - Dmitry being confused as a celeb; Ozzy's Brat swears like a trucker;  BSBW is so fragile he's like a snowflake resting on a lilly; Donny being 82; etc.


The encore was, in deed, YSM and Derek's futuristic paso but I think it was much, much better the first time. She didn't seem as in to it. And their costumes and makeup weren't the same.


Nice to see Cheetah Girl and Mark dancing again on DWTS. Three 10s for their "Eye of the Tiger" paso, despite that little weird laying on each other, intertangling bit near the end. They should've competed all the way to the finals that season! We was robbed!


We were on vacation this week so couldn't chime in with comments....but DID watch DWTS! Since we didn't have TIVO, we couldn't fast forward the results show....

Was sad to see Aaron go. Thought Kelly's 60 dance was a MESS but she's now the judges darling and can do no wrong. It's nice however to see Louie get this far in the competition. :)

Monday nites show was fun...liked the decade twist. Joanna and Derek ROCKED the PLANET!!! :) That was TOOOOOOO much fun!!! So creative! And loved Mya's quickstep.

Dance Center was a disaster....fun to see Susan Boyle but the pro dance was over the top (did Chelsie's feet EVER touch the floor??).

Wish it could have been Aaron in the semi's....but it will still be a lot of fun! All 4 couples can bring it to the dance floor and even tho I think Mya is the most talented....the trophy could go to anyone. Derek certainly has an "in" on choreography if they make it to the free-dance portion.

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