Langston to do the CSI 'triple crown'

Cary Ashby
Jun 4, 2010


No, this is not about a horse race. It's about Laurence Fishburne's character doing the first-ever triple crossover on "CSI"!


The big, interconnected storyline starts tonight (!) at 10 PM on "CSI: Miami," continues into "CSI: New York" (10 PM Wednesday) and wraps up in the standard "CSI" (9 PM Thursday).


Here's the plot breakdown, care of USA Today: "The three shows unite this week via a nationwide human-trafficking case in which everything from prostitutes to corpses is transported, and sometimes disposed of, along the interstate highway system.


Langston travels to '(CSI:) Miami,' where he teams up with (Horatio) Caine (David Caruso) after the discovery of the leg of a girl who went missing in Vegas a week earlier. They solve one case, only to find another when a woman interviewed in Miami turns up in a big rig in New York.


That takes Langston to '(CSI:) NY,' where he and Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) find a trucking ring specializing in human cargo and organ harvesting. Langston returns to Nevada to search for a hostage taken as part of the trafficking operation."


FYI Fishburne himself came up with the "triple crown" quote in this USA Today article, where you can read the rest.


A word of warning to my readers: Given my night schedule/obligations this week on two of those nights, I seriously doubt I'll be able to blog it/review it. (I'm going to the Ace Frehley show Wednesday night at The House of Blues [for which I interviewed my favorite member of KISS for this Reflector entertainment feature] — I'm pumped! If you want outtakes from that same one-on-one Oct. 21 telephone interview I did with my man Ace, follow this link to my comic book blog, "Cary's Comics Craze." Readers invited. Comments urged.)


Don't panic, though; my tight schedule means it's up to you to write your reviews and thoughts on CSI's "triple crown" on this Web site! Don't let the new format scare you, sign up and type away! Two "rules" here at CCC: 1) No spoilers — or at least warn readers ahead of time. 2) Have fun!



I was so looking forward to the triple crown, as you call it. As I read my Entertainment Weekly, I was disappointed on their review which basically gave me the feel it was not worth the time to watch it. But the CSI fanatic in me knows she will watch them all. Luckily they will be on DVR so I can see them commercial free and save some time.

Cary, your schedule must be hectic, as the last two CSI's were not commented on. I was so waiting for your take and had some thoughts on them. But now they are gone from my memory as fast as they came! Guess I need to jot some notes.... hahaha.

Have a great time with Ace. That will be a lifetime memory for sure,,,and better than any Ray Langston mini series!

Cary Ashby

I had the killer nailed from the beginning — I thought — so I was surprised when it wasn't the athletic booster. He just screamed "sumbag," especially when he was watching Nick and Langston at the football field. 


SPOILERS AHEAD! I didn't buy the rationale/motive for the star RB. Sure, he was upset about not getting the playing time he needed for the pro scouts, but he seemed way too grateful (?), emotionally attached (?) to Coach to commit murder over what seemed to be only a slight. I was positive the booster had killed Coach to cover up his indiscretion with the girl (whom I also didn't buy being willing to service him — in the car, on the spur of the moment) b/c he thought Coach would blab about it. And it really didn't fit for Coach to not bust the booster; a person of that high of integrity would have wanted him to face the consequences of his poor decision. Besides, Coach seemed like a guy who'd be willing to take the subsequent lumps related to the alcohol party.


And why the #$%^ don't people call 9-1-1 on this show? Grrrrrr....


One of the two episodes I didn't blog about was a repeat. And Tess (aka ImTess3), it's good to have you back. Don't hold back from starting content on this blog. NOW I'm waiting for you to comment on the triple crossover …! ;)


I finally got a chance to watch all three of the CSI's in their first ever crossover. I am never really sure what to expect from this type of episode. Many times you are pumped up to have a great watch and then comes the let down. I found this triple to be pretty good but a bit boring at times. I truly like the character of Ray Langston and he interacted well with the casts from other parts of the country but on the downside I found some of it to be too easy to be to true. Here's a leg, a tattoo, oh and it comes from Vegas. I know it is tv and written as such but I think they could have been a bit more creative in the mystery and finds. I am sure they were trying to fit as much as possible during each fast paced episode. I found them to be different because it was more focused on looking for someone who may be alive instead of solving a crime after finding a body.

Beautiful Miami: The creepy agent made me feel like he was after BonaVista and I thought he was going to play a bigger part. I didn't mind that he didn't!

I liked it when they were in the woods and Langston told them to "think like a bear". I am not sure how a bear thinks but I found it appealing.

The chef was a dude from Prison Break and I was surprised I remembered him...Sucre, yep that is him.

This part one wasn't bad but generally I am not that into gang related story lines.

Off to NYC: Again, not bad but too easy. A dirt bike in the middle of a junk yard conveniently waiting for Ray to hop on and take off. When I saw it sitting there I knew what was coming. Yes sir, those dirt bikes always start right up even though they have been trashed. My four wheeler doesn't want to start if I let it sit for a couple of months and it is new!

The transplanted liver would have been saved for evidence and they would not have said go ahead and do it. Although it was nice to see them save a life for once.

Arrival at Sin City: was it me or was the city of lights more lit up than usual? Maybe it is my new 47 inch screen. Who knew what I have been missing?

The "Ho Vine" was pretty funny. Never heard that one but I liked it. I am sure word travels quickly on the streets.

Not sure who Anthony was but I know that long haired guy from somewhere. Cute smile. I am sure he would be a real charmer and suck all the ladies into his web of deception.

The earring was a kind that is way too popular to have been a key to the killing. More of the easy stuff. Well, Ray is pretty new so I guess they have to write a few of those in!

I like the friendship that has developed between Nick and Ray. Nick really looks out for him and seems genuine about it.

Over all I am glad I watched the crossover. Good and bad but still ok. I didn't find a whole lot of flow between the three~ one minute body parts all over the place, then some harvesting of organs, some kidnapping, and lots of prostitutes.


Maddie Comes Home: Although I had a strong feeling Maddie would come home they did have me wondering for bit. But when Ray walked in the parking lot alone I knew she was waiting. I had more tears than both of them,,,,,,


Just one more bit,,,,, Happy Birthday Cary~ hope you enjoyed it! What a youngster :)

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