Kung Fu Chef, football player in jeopardy on DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Here's a dance-by-dance recap of Week 7 on "Dancing With the Stars" in order of their performances:

Jerry Rice Wannabe - I don’t doubt his statement: “I have never been mistaken for Fred Astaire.” But this foxtrot was cute and smooth, and it looked like they were having fun with it. And they saved the props for the end - much to Len’s liking. For once, all the judges agreed on his performance. Bruno’s words to live by: “Remember the nickel.” LOL at Tom: “If Barney looked like Anna, I’d still be watching without my kids.”

Donny - Who needs a posture bar or Tamiflu or even sound technique? Not light-on-his-feet Donny. He sold this full-on, error-riddled, crowd-pleasing quickstep and came away with three 8s. BTW strange outfit for Kym. A fashion designer Donny is not.

Kung Fu Chef - Maybe he should’ve danced with Tony. Just kidding. I actually liked this samba. While it had more of a club feel than a Brazilian flavor, this high-energy dance was interesting to watch. I didn’t hate it, not like the judges. Bruno’s recap: “Kung Fu Panda does the samba on Planet of the Apes.” Need we remind everyone of Bruno’s dancing in Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing” video? It’s a shame about Lacy getting sick. I think he was coming into his own. Now in all likelihood he’s going home.

Mya - I don’t know if I agree with Carrie Ann that “Len is officially smoking crack” but I will say he hates Mya. This foxtrot was cute yet glamorous. Actually liked the Frau Phyllis cameo. It’s much, much better than having her being a contestant. BTW didn’t Mya look a little Jessica Rabbitish?

Backstreet Boy Wannabe - “My 11-year-old daughter can move as fast you are right now.” That might have been true in practice. But on the dance floor, he brought the SPEED! What a workout with this jive. Wow! Agree with Len: There was “enough energy to light up Hollywood.” And I’m glad he was “tempted to dust off me 10 paddle” because this dance deserved it. Amazing.

Ozzy’s Brat - Don’t call her beige. Or may you should. That little comment fired up her and Louie, and produced an entertaining salsa that brought the judges to their feet, even if they only awarded 8s. Good effort, with a lot of content. The routine actually seemed long.

Younger Swimsuit Model - When did they have time to film that beach skit? Liked it, though. Could Hollywood be in Derek’s future? IMO he can act just as well as Zach Efron. As for their rumba, they obviously didn’t need any more practice because this dance had all that a rumba should, and wasn’t as boring as many are. Well scored with the three 9s.

Team paso doble - Lots of basic paso moves and good solos, with a dramatic and powerful showing at times. Very intense … and entertaining. Thought the judges underscored this a tad - three 9s more appropriate.

Team tango - Liked the leg-kick part. Did Carrie Ann really spank their butts? Whichever team got Derek was going to win. That was a foregone conclusion. No other pro is as good of a choreographer as he is. If his sister Julianne was on DWTS this season, there might have been more competition. BTW I didn’t realize Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” was a tango. T-A-NGO, T-A-NGO, T-A-NGO.

* * *
YOUR TAKE - Another double elimination tonight (yeah!). So who goes home? IMO Kung Fu Chef gets booted first, then Rice Wannabe and Ozzy’s Brat have a dance off, with … Ozzy’s Brat surviving (barely). As for an encore tonight, how about Backstreet Boy Wannabe’s jive? Or should it be Team Tango? Or won’t they do an encore (like last week, when it should have been Kung Fu Chef) because of the dance-off? Please share your thoughts.


Matt Roche

…to comment?


Well, I really enjoyed last nights show--thought all the dances were fun...my favorites were Mya and Team Tango. UNFORTUNATELY Lacy picked the wrong week to be sick...cause I think it will land Mark in the bottom 2. :( I enjoyed their dance far more than the judges. All my online votes went to Aaron and Mya. (btw, do any of you actually do the voting??)

Agree with Cloris that Dimitry and Mya don't have chemistry. Mya is a FABULOUS FABULOUS dancer...BUT...she and her partner are lacking in this area. Go figure!! "Having fun" with the dances is a big plus with the judges. Agree that Len doesn't like her (Mya)....but he didn't like Apolo either he won. BUT all the judges ADORE Johanna....and she's not a shoe-in either. This is WHY DWTS is so unpredictable and fun. :):)

I agree with you Matt--Kelly, Mark and Jerry Rice Wannabe will be in the bottom 3. And like you I agree Mark will get booted first. BUT in the dance off...I think JRW experience from last week will eek him out just ahead of Kelly. I think under pressure she will make mistakes...and even tho the judges "like her better" they will be forced to vote for the footballer.

Does anyone know what DWTS is doing with their extra week? There were supposed to be 2 double elim's this season...this is technically the second....but the week Tom and Cheryl left was also a double elim, so this is now the third. Is the show shortened by a week or will there be a longer drawn out semi-final?

Matt Roche

Well GottaDance, we were right about Jerry Rice Wannabe and Kung Fu Chef being in the bottom three, and I was right about them going home. But we were both wrong about who went home first (JRW) and the dance-off prevailer (Backstreet Boy Wannabe). I was SHOCKED to see BBW in the bottom three after earning the top score of the season. I was not surprised to see all three bottom three participants coming from Team Paso. If there was a fourth, would it have been Mya?


GottaDance, that would have been a good prediction for the dance-off had Ozzy's Brat been there.


Not sure about the extra week thing. With 5 celebs remaining, one will be knocked off next week (Nov. 10). The quarterfinals will follow, with another celeb knocked off Nov. 17, leaving the three finalists competing Nov. 23 and 24 - the week of Thanksgiving. I don't think they've ever pushed the season past turkey day.


I couldn't believe my eyes, Kelly O's dancing is terrible! You can see her literally counting beats to keep up on 11/2. I am always astonished with the judges' decisions. As a result of terrible and biased judging, I will not be watching this show as it is a ripoff in the worst way. Maybe the judges need glasses or they paid to have the spot on the show. Good luck either way, you won't catch me TIVOing or watching this show anymore. My dogs dance better!

Matt Roche

…and I suspect good-bye as well, based on your distaste for DWTS Season 9.


Ozzy's Brat is not great, but I'm not sure her performance has gone to the, uhm, dogs (yours in particular).


The judging this season does seem a bit bias at times. Len hates Mya. Bruno loves Mya. Carrie Ann and Bruno were overly critical of Jerry Rice Wannabe all season long. But as typically happens, the best dancers usually make the finals. (Sabrina aka Cheetah Girl being the main exception.) And all the judges absolutely love Younger Swimsuit Model, inflating her scoring at times.


I'm a little worries about Backstreet Boy Wannabe's chances of making the finals. He's one of my three preseason favs for the finals (Donny and Mya being the other two.) I don't think Ozzy's Brat will make it to the semis; she'll be the next to go. But Younger Swimsuit Model (boo) could beat out BBS - not necessarily in terms of judges' scores but with the voters. As for the Mirror Ball Trophy winner, it's too close to call at this point.

Matt Roche

Team Tango was just as impressive the second time.


Rod Stewart reminded me a little of that uncle at a wedding who grabs a wine bottle and, after having consuming most of its contents previously, begins crooning on the dance floor, surrounded by amused friends and family members egging him on. But hey, he's Rod Stewart so it doesn't matter. Glad he's still performing.


Derek and Mark had the moves while performing with the Ballas Hough band. However, the music was so synthesized that I couldn't tell whether they're good singers. It was kind of like a DDR thing there. But a good performance overall.


Who was the singer who looked like Sherly Crow mixed with Mariah Carey? She was decent.


Speaking of Mariah, was that Mariah they kept panning?


Spotted Joey Fatone aka nSync'er in the audiance behind Tom. And LOL at Tom's flu quip: We're like spray-tanned petri dishes here.


As for the dance-off, liked Kung Fu Chef's cha-cha to the Madagascar tune. It was clean, rhythmic and utilized ever second of the 30-second dance. Bruno's remark was tasteless: "You can turn more tricks that Heidi Fleiss." BTW if she was on the show, her label would be, without a doubt, Hollywood Madam.


As for Backstreet Boy Wannabe, his jive was fast, precise, basically perfect. Only wished it couldn't have lasted longer. He clearly out-danced Kung Fu Chef. BTW in practice he resembled Vanilla Ice, didn't he?

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