Bruno becomes Mr. Cranky Pants on DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


So Bruno turned into Mr. Cranky Pants on “Dancing With the Stars” Monday night.

I’m getting sick of hearing him gripe about “you lost your timing over there” and “you missed a step.” Wah, wah, wah.

Looking forward to two weeks of double elimination. There are just TOO MANY couples for this late in the season. Like the planned format: Kicking off one, then having the other two in jeopardy doing a dance-off. That means we need to pick a bottom three. (Read on for that.) And go Taylor Swift! My daughters are psyched about seeing her perform tonight on DWTS. Let’s hope Kayne West doesn’t show up!

Here’s my dance-by-dance recap, in order of performances:

Mya - Cute outfits. This jitterbug didn’t wow me - a little repetitive at times. Bruno loved it, though. He loves her. Do you think Bruno would want to be her masseuse?

Sabrina the Middle-aged Mom - Noted the elegance and good musicality with her waltz. Agree with Len: the other two judges’ critiques were too harsh. Bruno hates her. BTW - what did you think of Dance Nazi aka Mark’s Mom? And what did she call puppies? Mark really needed a haircut.

Kung Fu Chef - A fun, fun jitterbug to watch. Liked it when Lacy lifted him. Full of energy and lots of tricks. Should’ve earned three 9s instead of two and an 8 from - who else? - Bruno!

Back Street Boys Wannabe - They nailed it! The waltz was beautiful, with excellent posture and fluidity. He looked like a young Rod Stewart out there, ready to croon. Could a budding romance be developing between him and Karina? BTW - liked the field trip to the jitterbug club. Is there one in Milan or Olena or Hanville Corners?

Jerry Rice Wannabe - This waltz was worth watching. His facial expressions showed he was enjoying it. The charm and sophistication was there. TOTALLY agree with Len about three people judging it and only one getting it right. And between the three of the paddle-wielding critics, Len’s the only one with any street cred when it comes to ballroom; the background of the other two involves hip-hop and choreography.

Ozzy’s Brat - Great presentation. Lacked some energy, but they seemed to be enjoying themselves with this jiggerbug. A beige blueberry-less muffin she’s NOT. I cringed when Louie talked about her lack-of-confidence problem in the pre-dance segment because I knew Carrie Ann and/or Bruno would look for the slightest hint of that to pick on her following the dance. And sure enough … BTW - my family and I went to the circus last week. Great show. I think Louie should shoot her out of a cannon next week. Now that would be a great leap of faith.

Snowboarder - Had high expectations for this jitterbug and I wasn’t disappointed. Lots of flips and tricks. Loved seeing him do a flip off the judges’ table. Didn’t love seeing him drop Chelsie TWICE. I thought 8s might have been appropriate than 7s.

Younger Swimsuit Model - Good musicality with this waltz by a butterfly flying over an Alpine meadow. She’s got an advance over the other female celebs in that she has the best choreographer as a partner, and possibly the best dancer as well. Best line: “It starts so good and then you do something weird!”

Donny - Second-best line: “What kind of dance are we doing?” He knows how to work a room. That’s for sure. This full-on jitterbug brought the fun factor, if only three 8s.

Mambo competition - Liked the idea. It was a little hard to follow because of the number of coupes. IMO the judges also picked their favorites, maybe not the ones doing the best mambo.

* * *

YOUR TAKE - So, IYO, which waltz and jitterbug were the best of the night? (IMO - Backstreet Boy Wannabe and Kung Fu Chef.)

Who comprise your bottom three (IMO - Sabrina, Rice Wannabe and Snowboarder, with Sabrina going home first and Rice Wannabe second after losing a dance-off with Snowboarder. That being said, I don’t think Ozzy’s Brat is on solid footing.)

Please post your comments below.


Matt Roche

BTW - there ARE rumors about Aaron and Karina dating. Have you heard those too? And what's your reaction?

Matt Roche

I almost forgot: Who do you think will perform the encore tonight? Younger Swimsuit Model and Kung Fu Chef tied for the highest score in the individual dances. The crowd LOVED Donny's jitterbug. I'll go with Kung Fun Chef. What about you?


Why does he hate Mya so much! Every week Len figures away to keep Myas' score low. Len should be removed.

Matt Roche

Welcome, tpenn. And that's a good observation about Len. He does not seem to like Mya, for whatever reason. He was the same or higher than Bruno in all other scoring except for her last night. I don't know that we want to remove him, though. As stated in this post, he's the ONLY judge with street cred in terms of ballroom.


Hi Matt,
I 100% agree with all your comments and predictions.

That said...learning a WHOLE new dance for the "possible dance off" seems TOO MUCH. I remember a few seasons ago they did this dance off thing...but it was your previous nites dance not a completely new one. To make 8 couples learn a dance they won't use seems a tad over the top.

I will mention it again...but I think the judges now think of themselves at the stars and they keep doing crazy stuff to keep the attention on them. It's very distracting, irritating and silly. I don't watch any other reality show so I don't know if this is a "normal" thing for judges. Anybody? Do the American Idol judges act this silly? Whenever there has been a 'guest judge' on the show and you actually observe that person being courteous, respective and helpful to the contestant--you see what we are missing.

I am enjoying that the dancing is improving and for the second week in a row really liked all the performances. I do agree however with Matt that Michael, Melissa and Louie's time have come.

Think the Chef will get the encore...or would that be entree? (sorry couldn't resist)


All I can say is there would be a whole lotta tears in that relationship!



Matt Roche

… And so we say goodbye to the snowboarder. We'll miss him and Chelsie, this season's cute couple. But that 30-second jive will go down in the books as the "What Were They Thinking?!?" elimination dance. They got to pick the song and the dance, and THAT is what they came up with??? There is no way they should have lost to Jerry Rice Wannabe. But, as it is, they did. And good for Rice Wannabe - he certainly was workin' it with that samba. And he seemed ot have a lot of fun doing it. Carrie Ann's comments aside, it seemed to have a lot of samba content. So he lives to see another dance.


The rest of the results show was pretty entertaining. Go Taylor Swift! My girls loved it. And kudos to Elaina for correctly guessing she'd sing "Love Story." ABC has stepped it up a notch on Tuesdays IMO. LOL at Tom's "Curious George" quip about Mark as he and Sabrina the Middle-aged Mom bidded farewell.


Looking forward to next week, when the pros have to dance in the outfits designed by the celebs. Should be interesting.


Thanks for posting IwatchUdance and GottaDance. Agree totally with GottaDance about the judges' egos being inflated and a false sense of the show being more about them than the dancers. Could be a ratings gimmick by ABC, though.


As always, please share your thoughts here.


Agree with Matt in "what where they thinkin''!!! :) When I saw C & L's cute costumes I was thinking - great music+cute couple=winner, but 2 bars into the song....yeeeeeeeeeeeeeach!!!!!!!!! But LOVED Louie's flying turn off the stage after he lost.

Losing Melissa was expected but I will say, her and Mark's Charleston has catapulted past Mark and Kristi's jive for my all time favorite DWTS performance. I watched M&M again last nite on YOUTUBE and the dance is JUST AMAZING! Love it! Love it! Love it! Should have gotten 3 ten's.

Agree that the results shows are getting better....I like having just a tad more mainstream musical performances (call me old--haha!). Not hitting the fast forward button so often anymore.

Did I hear correctly there is another double elimination next week? I'm SOOOOOOOOOO liking those! :)


I like the double elimination too. It adds more suspense to the show and also makes it a little less sad. Every one of the couples seemed more nervous and then the ones announced safe seemed much more excited than usual. That made it more fun to watch.
I agree with everyone on C&L. Their dance was very disappointing. But Louie really isn't a dancer. If they weren't so darn cute they would not have made it this long.

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