Dancing rebounds on DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


IMO the dancing was MUCH improved, the performances better across the board and judges more consistent - and in line with my thinking - than previous weeks on “Dancing With the Stars’ this season. I LOVED the group hustle. Made me want to be out there with them.

Glad to see just two individual dances: the paso doble and Argentine tango.

BTW doesn’t Samantha know they do that just to make fun of her. Remember that Friends episode in which Monica went to Barbados?

Here’s my dance-by-dance review, in order of the performances:

Olympic Swimmer - Liked this paso. Didn’t love it. Remember: Dimples don’t intimidate. Words to live by. Thanks, Alec.

Backstreet Boy Wannabe - Much, much, much, much better. His tango was precise, captured the character of the dance, exuded drama, lot of leg intertwining … As Len would say, “Who’s your daddy?” BTW - is this what YOU think of when you think of Aaron Carter?

Jerry Rice Wannabe - Next time a cashier tries to give me a nickel, I’m gonna say, “Keep the change!” Just in case. Anyway, glad to see him have a comeback dance like that. Nice to hear positive judges’ remarks. Appropriate scoring with the three 7s; it lacked the content required for higher marks on a paso. BTW the best DWTS paso IMO is this one.

Mya - All the moves were there for this tango. It had an intimate feel, intricate leg moves and great choreography. Agree with the judges - the emotional disconnect was enough to keep it from earning 10s.

Kung Fu Chef - Def. noted the aggression with this paso. Sharp, exciting paso with great musicality. Interesting outfit on Lacy.

Donny - Passionate tango with an Edyta-esque Kym. Donny’s “I’ve never felt that before” was a little too much information, though. Surprised at how good it was (and the two 10s) after watching the pre-dance segment with all of the excuses.

Snowboarder - Comeback performance for this season’s cute couple! This tango def. captured the character of the dance. They showed intensity, emotion and sultry moves. Fun to watch. IMO the most enjoyable tango.

Sabrina the Middle-Age Mom - Disagree with Bruno: she was NOT that grumpy in this tango. It was entertaining, even if Mark did a lot more of that leg thing than she did. Liked watching Anna Trebunskaya filling in for Mark. Reminded me of when her husband Jonathan filled in for her and did the “man-go” with 80s actor.

Ozzy’s Brat - Louie continues to CREEP ME OUT! I got the Ozzy thing, but he’s no Ozzy. She’s a cape? What?!? Nice touch with the Ozzy tune for the paso. She danced with authority. Well deserving of the three 8s.

Younger Swimsuit Model - The stumble didn’t ruin this tango for me, anyway. Good choreography. Nice work Maks.

* * *
YOUR TAKE: I won’t ask about tonight’s encore - the group dance always gets it.

Who had the best paso and tango last night? (IMO Kung Fu Chef and Snowboarder)

The more pressing question: who goes home tonight? (IMO Jerry Rice Wannabe, with — surprise — Olympic Swimmer in the bottom two)

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Matt Roche

This new blogging software is giving me fits!!!

The commenting thing was disabled. Hence, nobody was able to comment -- until now.

NOW you can. Sorry about that. I'll check that next time. Never happened till now.

Kudos to GottaDance for letting me know by commenting on a DIFFERENT post.

So what do y'all think about Olympic Swimmer getting the boot?


Well, the hard thing about Natalie is she deserved to make it to the final 5. The truth of the matter is....she danced so-so on Monday nite and then EVERYONE after her danced fantastic. So she picked a bad week to dance so-so to the paso.

Monday nite was VERY entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed each dance. The Argentine Tango is rapidly becoming one of my favorite dances. BUT all that said....was very surprised Natalie got the boot...and she looked so sad--wah!!! :( If the comment portion had been working...I would have picked Louie and Melissa for the bottom two with Melissa taking a hike. SO...SO....what do I know???!