Can't get enough of Sara on 'CSI'?! No problem!

Cary Ashby
Jun 4, 2010


Remember when I blogged last week about producer Carol Mendelsohn's vision for season 10 being about family? And how Jorja Fox's character Sara Sidle was only going to be in five episodes?


No worries! Apparently — and truly obvious at this point — Fox just can't seem to get enough of "CSI." Entertainment Weekly columinist Michael Ausiello says in Wednesday's exclusive that Fox's "comeback has been extended indefinitely." (His emphasis, not mine.) To me, it's incredibly obvious Fox realized soon after she left the show it was a baaaad decision; she had to be rethinking it. Heck, I said as much back in October 2007 when the news broke.


Here's a basic recap of the recent "Ausiello Files": Mendelsohn said "we will be seeing a lot more of Jorja" and Sara's presence will get the rest of the CSI team asking questions about how her being in Las Vegas works in regards to her marriage to Grissom.


Well, duh! One would have to wonder about the health of a couple's relationship when one-half of them is across the country. "Very modern couple and they have a very healthy relationship," my patootie, Carol! I say BS! There's more to it; the producer is just being tight-lipped.


Mendelsohn also mentions there are "no current plans" to bring Grissom back. Riiiiight. That's probably TV producer talk for saying "we haven't figured out how to write his appearance into the show at this point." Grissom will be back for an episode or three. Guaranteed.


Logically, it might make sense for Grissom to stay away so that fans can get used to Langston. But — and I'm saying it clearly for the record now — I can't see ratings-hungry writers keeping Grissom away from Las Vegas for as much as a season. It would be shocking and counter-logical if that happens. As I wrote (or inferred) earlier this month, what would be more interesting is for Grissom's return to complicate Catherine's shaky, but growing leadership and have the CSIers pester Grissom about why he won't return to crime scene investigation work. Maybe that will lead to tension between he and Sara coming to head since she's found herself drawn back to the crime lab.


We'll see what happens soon. … And "CSI" dissolves into "As the World Turns in the Crime Lab" … Sigh.




Yep, one or three for Grissom for sure. I thought it would be kind of cool for Sara to find that Gil is in some sort of predicament in Paris (?) and the teams travels there to help. Yes, the Vegas setting is great and many of the story lines are most likely typical of what could happen in the city of sin, but to travel outside of their comfort zone to help their old buddy might be interesting. Maybe something is tied between the two cities. I don't know, just a thought!

They say some couples grow a closer bond with miles between them.. I wouldn't know, but hopefully when they do come back together they will be just as happy as they have been.. or seemed to be~ the best is yet to come!