The Ice Man cometh and the Ice Man goeth on DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


(NOTE: My proposal to increase DWTS ratings appears at the end of this post.)

"Dancing With the Stars" said so long to the Ice Man on Tuesday, and the show is probably better off for it. While he provided that novelty element that was nice for a week or two, he definitely was the weakest link so GOOD-BYE! (Props to GottaDance for guessing that!)

I didn't think Backstreet Boy Wannabe would go, since they revealed his "bottom two" status so early. But you never know. He MUST have a break-through performance (and less whininess) next week, or he's outta there!

The results show was good enough that I only fast-forwarded the commercials. Cute bit with the celeb's kids. Kudos to Jake for landing the "Bachelor" bid, though it should've been Derek - LOL! Shakira did a nice job. Not sure about the weird Chinese drummers during the first song. And the rapper got a little too much air time during the second time. But all and all good job!

Now, down to business. IMO there are too many celebs, and the ones they have aren't as compelling as some of those in past seasons. Agree with GottaDance about no time to explain dances, etc. The judges, Len in particular, might be trying to create controversy (and increase ratings) by some of the questionable scores, but IMO that's only turning off people.

* * *

HOW TO HIKE DWTS RATINGS: I don't know if ABC can pull it off, but here's my proposal:

For Season 10, invite all previous 9 champs and three of the best runners-up (French Guy, nSync'er aka Joey Fatone and Scare Spice, for instance), and have those 12 (NO MORE THAN 12) complete all season for some super mirror ball trophy. They should be paired with different partners this time. If one of the previous champs refuses, then add another runner-up or perhaps Cheetah Girl aka Sabrina Bryant. Since we already "know" them from previous DWTS seasons, we'll already be engaged with the celebs. The dancing obviously would be good-to-great each week. The drama of who gets booted each week, since each celeb is good and popular, would boost the results show's ratings as well. What do y'all think about that? (Please post your comments below.)


Matt Roche

Here's an interview with Maks regarding whether he and Karina will get back together.


SO GLAD Melissa and Mark got the encore! She won't be winning the nice she got her day in the sun! :) Their dance was GREAT--one of my favorites so far this season.

Bringing back previous winners is a fun proposition. A lot of them do the DWTS Tour so they are most likely still in shape. I think it's a great idea and could fly! The TWELVE couple limit is one I think they need to do for future seasons anyway.

Another problem this year I think is the judging. They are all so irritating and Len's judging is so strange. Of all the judges I've always liked him the best, and just barely tolerated the other two..but Len this year is just plain weird. The other person that should go is Samantha Harris. I liked it when Drew took her place while she was on maternity leave. Could she just stay out front with Tom and look pretty and leave the interviewing to someone who knows how? Or (GASP!!!)...cut the interviews!!!!!! How many of you fast forward those? The ones right after the dance are OK...but for most part.....EEEECH!

And I just think flat out..the contestants just aren't that good....with the exception of the obvious handful. The "cringe" factor is in full force this season. Also--some of my favorite pro's like Cheryl, Jonathon and Julianne are missing in action for various reasons. Losing Maks early was no fun either.

OK...enough ranting....what I'm liking this year is:
1. Fun new dances
2. WAY BETTER music choices!!
3. Maya
4. Chelsie and Louie silliness
5. Their fun exposes on 'what is like to be on DWTS'
6. Double eliminations!

Matt Roche

Thanks for posting GottaDance.

Agree about Samantha Harris. Go Drew!

Good observation about the pros. I'll ad this: I think the pairings could have been better. With the same contestants and pros to work with (sorry Julianne fans, she opted out this season), who what improvements could have been made? Please share your thoughts.


Is it just me...but I can't find the comment button on the latest DWTS post?

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