Oh Mya, Oh Mya, Oh Mya! DWTS delivers

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Saw some 10s. Saw some 5s. Saw four new dances. And saw lots of entertainment throughout the night.

Here's a dance-by-dance recap, in order of their performances:


Ice Man - Country Two Step suited him very well. Nice get-up. BTW a lasso in that man's hands could be dangerous.


Sabrina the Middle-Age Mom - She nailed that Charleston in terms of character, moves and energy. Lotta fun to watch. As Bruno said, she brought the 1920s Hollywood flapper back to life. Nice to see her score a 10 along with those two 9s.


Olympic Swimmer - Solid 8s with the bolero. She remains as determined as ever.


Backstreet Boy Wannabe - I'm a little concerned about his whinniness. Jake Ryan was hyper and cried at times, but he never whined as much as this guy. He does make me laugh at times, but unfortunately it's when he's supposed to be serious or sexy. Oh well, that's the last lombada they'll have to do. Hoping for a rebound next week.


Kung Fu Chef - This country two step had some good parts, and some parts I didn't like. Agreed with the judges on his confidence being back. Appropriate scoring with the 22. BTW cute bit with his kids.


Ozzie's Brat - Other than Louie creaping me out with his makeup (which he totally loved), this Charleston wowed the crowd and captured the character of the dance. Unfortunately, Louie is no Mark, and that was a tough Charleston to follow, so maybe they got a raw deal on the scoring. But it was very fun to watch, and it was good to see her more confident. Loved her scolding Louie: "Can you not make those noises, please?" BTW - Who'd he look like? Please share.


Younger Swimsuit Model - Wasn't uncomfortable to watch. Energetic lombada, borderline erotic at times. LOVED Tom's joke about some of the adults being in bed now. What was Carrie Ann saying about the crotch area? Nice bit about the dogs. And LOL at Tom's quip about nobody being spayed or neutered.


Donny - Cute routine with this Charleston. R-A-G-T-I-M-E! An excellent performance from a great entertainer. Surprised he only got 8s. But I'm sure he'll get the votes. BTW - did he refer to himself in the third person not once but twice during the predance segment? Matt Roche noted that.


Jerry Rice Wannabe - On the other end of the spectrum ... this guy can't catch a break. After the judges, audience and viewers see exciting and energetic Charlestons and sexy lombadas, they must see the other bolaro, which in this case was slow and boring. Lots of standing around. You can't make missteps when you don't take any steps. LOL at the lipsynching announcer throwing off everybody with "ladies and gentlement" before calling on Len for his score. Gotta love live TV.


Snowboarder - Speaking of standing around ... Remember last season when Rodeo Dude messed up and started walking around for a bit, and then they kept showing that clip over and over throughout the season? Well this was like that bit, but for the entire dance. Liked the field trip to Texas to see Rodeo Dude (it had a Pauly Shore "Son-In-Law" feel to it), but perhaps their time would have been better served practicing the Country Two Step.


Mya - And as frequently happens on DWTS, they saved the best for last. Liked this lombada better than Younger Swimsuit Model's because it was more classy, not as erotic. I knew Bruno had a 10 coming - he always stands when he delivers his sometimes unintelligible ramblings prior to awarding the top score. Shocked at Len's "I felt in the lombada I was going to get a bit more." Glad to see Carrie Ann gave a 10, too.


* * *

YOUR TAKE - So who goes home tonight? (IMO Jerry Rice Wannabe and Ice Man will be in the bottom two, with the former bowing out. Of course, Snowboarder could be in jeopardy, as could Kung Fu Chef. I think Backstreet Boy Wannabe has the fan base to carry him through.)

And who gets the encore? (IMO Sabrina the Middle-Age Mom should get it, but Younger Swimsuit Model will if Len gets his way.)

And how are your Final Three doing? (Mine: Mya and Donny remain solid; Backstreet Boy Wannabe is starting to scare me.)

Please share your thoughts about the aforementioned topics and any other related or not related to DWTS by commenting below. BTW if you haven't registered to comment yet, it's not as slow and excruciating as it might seem - but don't just take my word for it ... ;)


Matt Roche

Here's a link from People offers some behind-the-scenes tidbits from Monday's show. Sounds like everyone was swooning over French Guy again.

Matt Roche

If you're having trouble getting into DWTS this season, you're not alone. The show is experiencing its lowest ratings since Season 1. Here a link to a story about it.

Could it be there are too many celebs, making it harder to get to know them, one of the main draws IMO?


STILL TOO MANY DANCERS!!! I'm still having trouble keeping track and the Monday nite show seems endless. I did however LOVE the Charleston! All three couples did great...esp. Melissa. It's too bad every couple who did the 2-step were so-so...cause that is a fun dance choice by the producers. The other two dance styles I was completely unfamiliar with--so it would have been nice to have FYI about each style. BUT...when you're having to race through 12 dancers...you barely have time for cameo shots.

I read the above article about low ratings and I agree. This season so far for me has been difficult to watch. I don't know if the formula is wearing thin or it's just not great dancing, or it's the personalities....not sure....but I've been definetly bored...and that is not a word I associated with DWTS. I won't stop watching...but I might be hitting the fast forward button more often!!!

My top three were: Donny, Johanna and Mya. I still feel good about all three. As I mentioned before Donny is a shoo-in with his fan base...he's a given. Natalie is really coming into her own....I think she will be in the semi's. And Kelly is very good too. Def. think the girls are stronger than the boys this year. But as far as the three I picked--still going with those. :)

Going home tonight? SO MANY COULD! Really...the middle of the packers are still numerous! But I will pick: Chuck. His time has come.

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