Is it just me or …?

Cary Ashby
Jun 4, 2010


Well, I guess producer Carol Mendelsohn was serious about this season being about family. It looks like Langston has "daddy issues" and has been researching his father's violent tendencies. Thinking back, that was teased to in last week's show (or was that the premiere?).


And is it just me or …:


• Was Langston more than a bit testy when Wendy shared her knowledge/research of violent tendencies? Yeesh! Talk about testy!


• Wasn't the older guy just as sleazy as the victim? Casting someone with such a pasty complexion, virtually no eyebrows and beady eyes just added to the sleaze factor.


• Did we not see Sara this episode? I'm guessing Thursday's show wasn't part of her five-episode contract, but still, an explanation would have been in order. All it would have taken is a line or two of dialogue.


• What is up with Hodges becoming the equivalent of "CSI the Science Guy?" Totally silly, but sooo Hodges.


• Did you like already knowing who the victim and the killer were from the beginning? Piecing together the backstory throughout the show was an intriguing way to fill in the missing elements. It certainly was a refreshing change of pace from the  now-cliche CSI special effects of the damage to the body combined with a flashback scene, which may or may not have been what truly happened. I'd like to see more of this — how 'bout you?






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It was strange not having Sara back. Maybe they are trying to stretch out her episodes. Langston was a bit off the hook. I am sure that is leading up to more about his upbringing and the issues with his father.

I like the way it started, too. Just something a bit different for the story line. It is always interesting to see how they come about solving the crime but this put a new spin on it. I think it kept my mind occupied a bit more. Not sure why or if that makes sense, but that is me!


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