New Yorker booted, Politician bows out from DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


No surprises with the elimination on Tuesday's results show of "Dancing With the Stars" - New Yorker and Jerry Rice Wannabe were in the bottom two, and New Yorker got kicked off. (As IwatchUdance and yours truly correctly projected in the last post.)


And Jenn and the rest of us are happy that Politician bowed out, instead of embarrassing himself by trying to dance with two broken feet. No more grandpa pants, right?


Yeah for Cheetah Girl being chosen to return for the Design a Dance contest. I'll be pulling for her to be partnered with Mark, although Dmitry wouldn't be a bad pick either.


Suprised Ice Man got the encore. Shows you the judges' bias. He had fun and got the encore, despite the obvious techical problems and limited dancing abilities. Meanwhile Jerry Rice Wannabe had fun and got blasted by the judges, despite displaying more rhythm and sounder dance moves. Should have been Olympic Swimmer with the encore.


Liked the Macy's Stars of Dance with the mime-looking masked dancers, including Mark and Lacy. Two for two for Macy's (I missed last week's, due to cable woes - was it any good?)


Curious at how DWTS execs arrived at pairing Younger Swimsuit Model and Backstreet Boy Wannabe with the other two in the bottom two. Added drama, perhaps?


So they'll be doing some interesting dances next week. Kung Fu Chef and Lacy will be doing the country two step. That should be fun to watch. What are y'all hearing as far as what the other celebs will be dancing?


Please share your thoughts below.




Well that was nice for Ice Man to get the encore, because I think his days are numbered...along with Jerry Rice Wannabe. New Yorker's departure was no surprise of course, but, as always, I will miss seeing Maksim's performances on a weekly basis.
Those dances for next week sound interesting. It'll be nice to see some different moves.
I enjoyed the performance by the Jabbawockeez (the masked dudes). I have seen them a couple of times in concert, as they were the opening act for two of the New Kids on the Block concerts that I went to. While the masks ALWAYS creep me out, they CAN dance. I guess they were the winners of America's Best Dance Crew a couple of years ago. BTW, apparently DWTS alum Joe McIntyre and fellow New Kid Donnie Wahlberg were in the audience. WHY WASN'T THERE A CAMEO SHOT?! (never mind, I don't want anyone's honest answer to that- I'm just a loyal fan...THEY ARE NOT HAS-BEENS!!!) Sorry for the rant LOL.

Matt Roche

How about Donnie for DWTS? Let's nominate him for Season 10.


Thanks for the background about the Jabbawockeez.


Didn't Maksim show some relief that he didn't have to work with New Yorker anymore?


I was actually sorry to see New Yorker go. I liked her and thought she was doing well enough to stay....esp. since no one is really breaking out of the middle packers. Really anyone of like 8 couples could have been knocked off.

Although I'm a HUGE fan of DWTS I have to say I haven't really been able to get into this season that much. There is still TOO MANY COUPLES!!! I can barely keep everyone straight. And I think the dancing for the most part hasn't been that great. The very fun thing about DWTS is seeing couples blossom and improve. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say....I really can't see the following improving that much: Melissa, Chuck, Michael and Mark. I think they've hit their peak.

Also this year...the judging is just ridiculous! I so wish ABC would replace the judges....every year it gets worse as they get more "full of themselves" and they think they are the stars of the show. Their critiques are so general--it's hard to think they are actually being helpful. I do very much like the format of the judges and popular vote getting a 50/50 split...but perhaps the public can vote a new judge in??? I mean we did it last year when we choose the new pro dancer!

The celeb I'm rooting for this year is Louie. Chelsie is a fantastic teacher and it's great to see her do so well with another completely NON dancer. On the gals end--I'm liking Natalie and Mya.


I totally agree with you GottaDance. There are way too many couples this season. I think the show is almost over and then they show the next three couples who I competely forgot about. I hope they don't keep adding like this each season.
I am also rooting for Chelsie and Louie. They are adorable together. I'm not sure if they'll make it past the final four, but I hope they at least stick around until then.
Jenn- if the New Kids were there I am surprised they didn't show them. What's wrong with that camera guy. Maybe too many celebs to zoom in on. Seemed funny to see Christian Slater in the audience. Doesn't seem like dancing would be his thing.


I love your comment!!! ....I keep thinking the evening is over...and then SOMEONE else is up dancing! LOL!

Each season they add one or two more couples.....this has got to stop!!! I think it would be better to have 10-12 couples max...then let them dance for a few weeks before they cut someone. They did that one season and I thought it was very fair. Plus most celebs are going to be strong initially in only one dance form--ballroom or latin...and if the weaker one is their first dance--it's just tough luck for them.


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