Mr. Cranky Pants returns on DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Interesting night with the rumba and samba featured. The front-runners maintained their status, the middle-of-the-packers didn’t establish themselves and Mr. Cranky Pants returned.
Here’s my dance-by-dance review, in order of the performances:

Kung Fu Chef - Good theatrics with this rumba. May have lacked sensuality, but disagree with Carrie Ann - it was NOT uncomfortable to watch. LOL at the 3-year-old comparison.

Younger Swimsuit Model - Fun samba, with noted samba roll. But this dance showcased Derek more than here, including the swinging rope intro. And it wasn’t super smooth. Len liked it.

Mya - Sexy, sensual rumba well deserving of the pair of 10s. Best dance of the night. Much, much better than the 7 Len dished out. BTW - I spotted the lift right away. She remains a finalist candidate.

Sabrina the Middle-Age Mom - Wasn’t horrible. Judging from the pre-dance segment, I thought this samba would be worse. Agree with Len - parts of it were excellent. LOL at Tom’s TJ hooker reference.

Snowboarder - IMO second-best rumba of the night. Very entertaining. No chemistry problems here. Liked the bent-back leg thing, though my wife said “ouch” as we watched it. LOL at him saying, “I hope we have like five of these” dances to perform. Not sure how Carrie Ann could give an 8 and Len a 5.

New Yorker - Her samba was OK. Liked the Scary Spice visit. Wouldn’t be shocked to see another bottom two appearance here.

Donny - Great performance with his rumba. Despite the three 7s, he’s still on track for the finals. But too much male bonding with Bruno. Not sure what to think of Paula’s desire to make out with Carrie Ann. BTW - do you recall the Paula crack a season or two back when Carrie Ann took offense with the comparison, then back-peddled a bit after sort of insulting her?

Jerry Rice Wannabe - Judges hated it, but not me. It looked fun and festive. Captured the essence of what the samba is supposed to be.

Olympic Swimmer - A dramatic, sensual and expressive rumba - the third-best of the night. She’s a semifinals candidate, fourth-best dancer out there IMO. Liked the Edyta cameo, but was a bit uncomfortable with her granting permission for the celeb to get passionate with Alec.

Ice Man - Entertaining, despite his technical difficulties. It’s interesting to watch someone so far out of his element trying to perform. That being said, was this better than the football player’s samba? According to the judges’ scoring, yes. In my eyes, no.

Backstreet Boy Wannabe - He looked like a young Rod Stewart out there. Great movements. Sensual. The judges were a bit overly technical in their critique. And a 6 from Len? Come-on. He’s still a final three contender.

Politician - Cute samba. Kudos to him for dancing through the pain. Probably won’t be going home tonight, but he should be.

Ozzie’s Brat - Wanted this samba to last longer. Looking like she was having fun, and it was fun to watch. She felt much better about her dance this week, and the audience did too.

* * *
YOUR TAKE: IMO, since they gave the encore to Mya last week (and not Backstreet Boy Wannabe???), then Olympic Swimmer gets it this week. Unless the judges decide to give it to her two weeks in a row, since she is even more deserving this week, having scored the first 10s of the season. What do you think?

And although Jerry Rice Wannabe will probably be in the bottom two (if they announce a true bottom two, which they should), I think New Yorker gets the boot? Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? Please share your thoughts about the encore, the celeb who will leave and the performances in general.

And if you haven’t registered to comment yet, please do. It’s a short one-time process, and we’d love to hear your input.

Oh, and BTW - thanks to the input last week.

Agree with GottaDance (formerly known as Dancin’ Queen): SO MANY middle of the packers this season. And thanks for update about Maks and Karina’s breakup.

And agree with IwatchUdance: The right one was voted off. I, too, had cable troubles and missed most of the results show.


Matt Roche

Who are you all voting/pulling for in terms of a returning celebrity for the Design a Dance contest? I'd like to see Cheetah Girl (aka Sabrina) if it's a woman and nSync'er (aka Joey Fatone) if it's a man. I don't want to see Racecar Driver or Kelly Monica. How about you?

Matt Roche

I'm beginning to get a complex - as if I didn't already have one :)

As of this posting, more than 150 have looked at this post, but no one (other than yours truly) has commented. Now I know some of you out there have an opinion, or at least a guess as to who will get kicked off the show tonight. Please don't let that comment registration process scare you away. It's free, and everybody's doing it. At least all the cool kids...

Matt Roche

According to E!, Tom Delay is dropping out tonight. Click here to read the story.


What's your reaction to this? IMO - YES! YES! YES!


I'm not neglecting DWTS, I've just been busy. In fact, I fast-forwarded the majority of last night's show, so I don't feel qualified to give my opinion about it. But I will anyways...Delay MUST go! I'm tired of seeing him dance around in his grandpa pants. The New Yorker will be in the bottom two again. My favorite performers of the night were Mya and the Snowboarder. I was extremely uncomfortable watching the PDA going on between Donny and Bruno, and it was only made worse by Samantha's awkward teasing. And what was Paula Abdul doing there? ... So those are my quick thoughts ... Matt, you always do such a great job of summing up each show :)

Matt Roche

Thanks for commenting and complimenting, Jenn

I, too, am glad to see DeLay go. And I agree with your take on there being too much male PDA.


Any thoughts on the encore?

Matt Roche

I found this site that has some DWTS commentary and YouTube videos from last night's show. It has the good, the bad and the something else (ugly, hot, etc.) for each week. Enjoy.


That's great news!


gets the encore

Matt Roche

That's who I'd pick, Jenn.


Haven't watched yet. Came to give my opinion. If that's true, I am glad to see DeLay go. The old guys never last, although he at least had some rythm, but their bodies just can't take it. (not that mine could either) Anyway, with him gone I say New Yorker and Jerry Rice wannabe in the bottom two, New Yorker going home. We'll see....

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