No time for DeLay on DWTS

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


If "Dancing With the Stars" were like the game "Life," I could have bought a 6 or 7 stock and retired wealthy at Millionaire Estate. I can't recall ever seeing all the dancers so close in terms of scoring this early in the season. Of the 14 celebs, no one got a score lower than a 6, and only three had a score higher than a 7. BTW - I'm feeling REAL good about my final three right now.


How did your final three do last night? Who gets the encore? Who gets sent packing? And what did you think of Baz?


Here's my celeb-by-celeb review, in order of performances. After that, I'll share my thoughts on the aforementioned questions, then we'll hear from all of you. (And if you can't yet comment because you haven't registered, please register. Don't let the process deter you. It's mostly painless, and shouldn't have to be repeated - as long as your computer saves your name and password. Otherwise you'll have to remember your name and password.)


Younger Swimsuit Model - Fun jive. Lots of cute moves. High energy, but a tad bit clunky at times. LOL @ Tom's "Joanna and her hair are back there."


Olympic Swimmer - Seemed like a short quick step. Didn't make any noticible mistakes. Second half of the dance seemed stronger, more fluid.


Ice Man - That was the angriest tango I've ever seen. Dude really IS scary. For me, it was too stationary. Needed more tango walking. Noted the repeated cameos by Bill Gates' Rival.


Sabrina the Middle-Age Mom - Fun jive. Cute outfits. Noticeable improvement in content over last week. Mark did out-dance her, and the second half of the dance was better at the first. LOL @ Tom's shopping at quip directed at Mark. He was a big fan of Jacko, as I recall.


Jerry Rice Wannabe - A slow and smooth quickstep. Improved content. Precise steps, at least from what could be seen on TV.


The New Yorker - Doesn't Maks make every single partner he has cry at some point in the season? I'd love to be a fly on the wall at his house after he married Karina. Oh the drama. The tears. Reality show possibilities FOR SURE. Any way, this tango captured the essence of the dance. She was feisty, and the tension was strong.


Snowboarder - While he isn't in my final three, I'm rooting for him and Chelsie, this year's "cute couple." One of the night's best jives to watch. Great hurdle intro. Fun little tricks. They were joyful throughout. Great line on his part: "I didn't know what the jive was four days ago."


Backstreet Boy Wannabe - Spectacular! Best quickstep of the dance. What the dance should be. Good bounciness. Clever concept. Great outfits with the Kermit and Miss Piggy thing going on. IMO tonight's encore. BTW - by the look on his face, I don't think Bruno knew that thing (Gonzo) was.

Ozzie's Brat - I liked this tango. Smart move with the dress, shoes and flashing lights hiding any potential footwork problems. They kept talking about the mistakes, but it didn't seem to detract from the dance, at least for me.

Older Swimsuit Model - This quickstep was short and boring. Lacked excitement. The clashing "King and I" costumes (red/gold for him, pink/silver for her) was distracting. Her time remaining on DWTS is short.

Kung Fu Chef - Excellent performance with this quickstep. Fun to watch. Ambitious. He overcame the technical miscues.

Mya - Outstanding performance. Best jive of the night. Little Miss Sassy had great energy. The theatrical element was superb. I didn't care for the song, though. Was it from Moulin Rouge?

Politician - Yeah, the tango was OK until the ending. Sorry about the foot thing. But I'm ready for him to go.


And finally ... Donny - Despite all the age-cracking about this 51-year-old, he held his own with this jive. Liked the "Secret Agent Man" music and choreography. BTW - wasn't that an Austin Powers, not John Travolta, move that Bruno referenced?

* * *

So, here are those answers: Mine final three (Backstreet Boy Wannabe, Donny and Mya) scored the highest. Jkchavanne also picked that final three, so she’s probably feeling good about that as well. IMO - Backstreet Boy wannabe gets the encore and Older Swimsuit Model goes home, although I’d prefer it be Politician.

* * *
YOUR TAKE - Now let’s hear from all of you. What did you think? I look forward to reading your thoughts.




Matt Roche

Who will be the first to comment? Please share who you think will get kicked off tonight, as well as who gets the encore nod tonight.


Hmmmm...that was interesting. Did the dances seem shorter to you? I know they only get 90 seconds....but it seemed even shorter than that. I wasn't too impressed with alot of the dances...but my favorites are below:

Tango: Maks & the New Yorker
Jive: Mya (Hated the song)
Quickstep: Snowboarder and Chelsie

The Encore will be: The Muppet Song with Aaron and Karina

Getting booted: Kathy Ireland

The middle of the's hard to tell who will improve to dance another day.... it will def. be an interesting season. There are SO MANY middle of the packers now....that it's hard to keep them all sorted out. Again, and I say this every's going to come down to the pro partner and how much they get get out of the star. My favorites for that have always been Mark Balas, Derek, Julianne and Cheryl. I would also now put Chelsie into that category of really being able to showcase their partner with both superb choreography and dance savvy for knowing what the star is capable of performing.


Can't there be a double elimination again this week? I say that Kathy Ireland and Politian can go. Whatever- one this week and one next week. There are still too many couples. It is so hard to remember them all. The dances did seem very short last night.
Loved the muppet theme. Hope that's the encore.


DWTS is going to do one more double elim but it will be mid-season.


Surprised New Yorker was in the bottom two. The right one was voted off. Kathy Ireland wasn't the worst ever, but not good enough to compete with this group. She seemed to enjoy herself and parted well. Was anyone else having problems with the channel? Missed 2/3 of the show because it didn't come in. Oh well, saw the important thing. Was there an encore?


we missed 2/3 of the show too....but that was because we fast forwarded. ;) maya (mya?) was the encore.

i also was surprised debi was in the bottom two. that doesn't bode well for future weeks as she needs that fan base...additionally surprising since maks is her partner and he's very popular. well, i'll enjoy them while i can...they are one of my early favorite couples.

scared me a bit louie being in the bottom 3 at the end. he's also one of my early favorites. he and chelse have my vote for "cute couple".


Matt--Don't want to burst your potential "REALITY SHOW" bubble...but Maks and Karina broke off their engagement a few weeks before this season's premiere.

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