Lessons I learned from the 'CSI' premiere

Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2010


• Hodges has a big mouth and can't help but feeling important. (But you already knew that, I'm sure!)


• The deputy coroner and Wenday are now part of the opening credits. Yay! Well deserved.


• Riley Adams (actress Lauren Lee Smith) isn't coming back this season. (That I didn't know!)


• It's OK to admit your weaknesses, especially to a co-worker you trust and consider your friend. (You go, Catherine!)


• You should show genuine interest in your spouse's interests. (Stiiiiiill working on that one.)


• Exit interviews can be a tough read. But you can learn a lot about yourself and the job you're doing, esepcially if you're the supervisor having to read it.


• "The only thing you don't have that Grissom did was you."


* Tarantulas aren't too creepy to put in your hand. (Uh, … maybe not so much on this end.)


• The coroner knows how to use his crane for something other than a crutch — and Langston ain't afraid to throw a nasty punch or elbow.


• All employees should know better than to whine to their superiors about being given an unpleasant assignment. (I'm sure I've never done that at the Reflector …! Cough. Cough.)


• Loyalty and hard work can pay off — with a promotion and new title. (Congrats, Nick. Extremely well deserved, not to mention well past when it should have happened.) At least, it should. Hey, a raise would be a nice freakin' start …


• Sara and Grissom got married. (Boy, did I miss a lot when I didn't see last season's finale. Any thoughts, reviews on that one?)


• Sara can't stay away from CSI. This leads to me to wonder if her hubby can.


• Jorja Fox and George Eads have great smiles. (But you should have already known that!)