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Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Wow - Ozzy's Brat CAN dance. So can the latest candidate for "Dancing With the Sort-of-Stars" -- Derek's partner, the younger swimsuit model. She could join Racecar Driver and French Guy as relatively unknown "celebs" who made the finals.


And Macy Gray was everything I hoped she would be.


Part 2 of the Season 9 premiere of "Dancing With the Stars" is in the books, with the 8 female celebs taking their turn on the dance floor. The 8 male celebs danced Monday. Tonight, a male and female will be eliminated on the season's first results show. That means it's time for all of us to make our final 3 preditions, a tradition on this blog. (Read on for more details.)


But first, here is a celeb-by-celeb review of Tuesday, in order of their performances and with my proposed label names (feel free to offer your label suggestions, too):


The New Yorker (Debi Mazar) - Her salsa was fun and full of energy, and IMO she captured the character of the dance. LOL at Maks in rehersals: "Why are you talking?" BTW - noted Maks goosing Tom AGAIN. Sneaky Maks.


Sabrina the Middle-Aged Mom (Melissa Joan Hart) - Very nice waltz. Elegant. She seemed happy. Good character. Not sure of the chemistry there with Mark. I'm rooting for her.


Mya (Mya) - Best of the women, in terms of talent - Len's poor scoring aside. (LOL at Tom's quips about flies and the 3 bars for Len.) Crisp turns, elegant. Superb musicality. Showed she has the speed needed for Latin dances. For Dmitry, she's def. an upgrade from Bimbo. But he sure got taken to task by Len, didn't he?


80s Swimsuit Model (Kathy Ireland) - Remember when Go-Go Dancer (aka Belinda Carlisle) tried to do the salsa? Yeah, this was better than that. Agreed with Len: it lacked energy and sex appeal. BTW - when Bruno said he likes his women loose, and Carrie Ann sarcastically shot back "Really??!!!" was she referencing him liking the "loose" part or the "women" part of that?


Olympic Swimmer (Natalie Coughlin) - Good musicality for the 'Million Dollar Mermaid.' She didn't need to be steamy to make this salsa fun to watch. Forget all those rehersal troubles. When it's game time, those Olympians are ON. Olympic Gymnast showed that again and again last season.


Scary Singer (Macy Gray) - Please, Please, PLEASE vote for her. It's like a train wreck; you don't want to look but you keeping looking again and again. She was hillarious. I loved watching her being interviewed, the rehersals, the attempt at a Viennese waltz (a WHAT? - LOL), everything! She wasn't so innocent with Samantha interviewed her, though, the Little Miss Potty Mouth. BTW her label is kind of a take-off from Scary Spice. But I'm not sold on it, so please offer suggestions. As Jonathan said: "I can't say I've ever met anyone like Macy." A "little bit" eccentric? Try a lot a bit.


Young Swimsuit Model (Joanna Krupa) - I read one preseason comment that this border-line celeb is just the latest installment of the eye candy that DWTS producers like to throw before viewers each season. But that review was wrong. She CAN dance. And with Derek as her partner, this duo could go a long way. Best salsa of the night. Hot. Sexy. Great choreography. BTW - weren't those Julianne's pants she was wearing. Oh wait a minute. Derek is her partner. Hmm...


Ozzy's Brat (Kelly Osbourne) - Wow! Very impressive. Best waltz of the night. Didn't expect that. Elegant. Beautiful. Madonna "True Blue"-esque. She nailed it. BTW - liked the first meeting with Louis.


* * *

YOUR TAKE - So who do you think will be eliminated tonight (one man and one woman)? My guess: Politician and The New Yorker. The results show also includes Hannah Montana performing, and a tribute to Dirty Dancer.


* * *

FINAL THREE - Well, as many of you know, after seeing all of the celebs perform, we venture our guesses as to which three will make the finals. Then, when the season reached that point, I post a blog entry reviewing our guesses and giving kudos where appropriate. So please share your final three prediction below. (And I again appologize about the one-time register procedure. Please don't let that deter you.)

So here's my final 3: Backstreet Boy Wannabe, Donny and Mya. If I had to pick a fourth (in case an ambulance run detrails someone), it would be Olympic Swimmer.



Cary Ashby

Unlike the men, I didn't see any clear-cut frontrunners, but Derek's partner has a lot more talent than I expected. Obviously Macy Gary should be going home tonight; she was the most painful dancer to watch from both nights.


On a fan level, like you Matt, I'm rooting for Sabrina the Middle-Aged Mom — and 80s Swimsuit Model. Both are class acts. Melissa Joan Hart (MJH) has always been a lot of fun. Kathy Ireland simply needs to let loose; she's a bit stiff. From a dancing perspective, Olympic Swimmer has a lot of potential as does Mya.


Some random thoughts as I continue to stew on my top-3: Was Len simply trying to lowball these great performances by MJH and Olympic Swimmer? Talk about fulfilling his Mr. Crankypants reputation! What was up with Mazar's makeup? That was a train wreck.


Matt, I agree Chuck Liddell (aka Ice Man) could be a Batman heavy. He's got that bodyguard/thug vibe going on. The kind of muscle the Dark Knight might have to handle before seeing Two-Face or the Penguin. Random trivia question: Which of this year's DWTS contestants was in a Batman film? Post your guesses with your comments!


My top 3: Donny, Olympic Swimmer and Iron Chef. MJH, Derek's bimbo, er, partner, Backstreet Boy Wannabe and Snowboarder should stay around for a while. And Kelly Osborne has shown she's serious about dancing.


I agree with The Plain Dealer — it's Donny's to lose. In my teens I saw him at the Kennedy Center in "Yankee Doodle Dandy." He did a fantastic job tap dancing. What a showman and performer!


Going home? Scary Singer (FYI she seemed stone when she opened for David Bowie in Jan. '04; a horrible opening act) and Tan Man's Son. Take it to the bank.

Matt Roche

Thanks for commenting, Cary. You could be right about Tan Man's Son.


There is a lot more talent among the ladies. I don't know who to put in my top three. I was most surprised by Kelly Osborn. She did really well!
This is when you realize that there are way too many stars this season. Contenders: Aaron, Mark, Donny, Melissa, Mya, Natalie, Kelly, and Joanna. So who to pick from that bunch? I'll go with Aaron, Mya, and Joanna. I think Donny will stick around til the end too, because obviously that family has a lot of fans. Tonight I think we may say goodbye to 80's swimsuit model and tan man's son. We'll see. Macy was the worst dancer, but she's just interesting to have around. She is so clueless.
I have no idea which one was in a Batman movie. Debbie Mazar? Don't know who else to guess.


Final Three: Donny, Mya and Joanna

Who's going home? I don't know if it was the BOTTOM TWO of either men or women or one of each so I will guess both ways:

If it's the true bottom two:
Ashley and Tom

If it's one of each:
Men: Ashley
Women: Kathy Ireland

COMMENTS ON THE LADIES: Loved the gals...way stronger bunch than the men this year. Totally amazed with Kelly. Favorite routine of the nite: Debi's salsa. Enjoyed everyone's dances--very enjoyable evening.

Matt Roche

I guess the weakest dancers were eliminated, but I really wish Macy - I mean Scary Singer - would have lasted a little longer. And I would have rather had Tan Man's Son than Politician. LOL at Adam Corolla's bit. HILLARIOUS! And so was the Loser's Club segment (yeah Kenny Mayne!), which Scary Singer and Tan Man's Son now are a part of. Was that Cory in the House singing? You can tell Disney owns ABC - Hannah Montana video, Lion King, etc. BTW that Lion King was one of Macy's (business, not singer) better performances. They usually have some weird ones. It reminded me of the Lion King show at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Good tribute to Dirty Dancer!

There's still time to share your Final Three predictions.


This is very difficult, because I feel as though there are quite a few dancers that I think could progress and make it to the finals. I think Donny Osmond (with or with out his "Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,") will be in the finals along with Mya and Aaron Carter. I think that Joanna, Mark, and Natalie are going to be great and that it will be a tough decision.

We should also make predictions as to who will be getting hurt this season. It's inevitable!


(Sorry for the cheesy caption LOL) The politician has got to go! Of course, the Tan Man's Son was no Swayze either, but I'd rather watch HIM then Delay...(Again, sorry about all the cheesy stuff- Swayze?) BTW, I really liked the Swayze tribute.
So, my final three? Marie's Annoying Brother, Young Swimsuit Model and Mya...I would say Backstreet Boy Wannabe, but I have a feeling Donny's middle-aged fans will keep him on. There's also a possibility that Kung Fu Chef will go far..


I almost forgot about her! There is a possibility that she will make it into the final three, replacing Mya. I think she will have lots of fans as the season goes on, especially with all the Ozzy cameos. Oh, BTW, was that Latoya Jackson in the audience on ladies' night? There was also someone else that I took note of, but I can't remember who it was...maybe it will come to me later.

Matt Roche

You called it! Tan Man's Son and Scary Singer got the boot. Now we'll have to wait and see with your final three!  :)

BTW - I'm with IwatchUdance in guessing Deb Mazar - I mean The New Yorker - as a Batman actress. Are we right?

Matt Roche
Thanks for posting, IwatchUdance. Agree totally about Ozzie's Brat. Never would have guessed she'd do THAT well. Good call on the judges' part for having her do the encore. BTW - we all missed the boat on venturing guesses about an encore. Let's not forget next week.  

I would be shocked if Donny doesn't make the finals. IMO he's a better entertaining than his sister, probably has a stronger fan base, is a guy (and guys typically last longer than the female celbs, although the latter has won more Mirror Ball trophies as of late).

However, Donny might not make the finals if ...

Matt Roche

LOL at jkchavanne's suggestion on what we should predict: who gets hurt. You're right - it's inevitable! And that's probably the only way Donny won't make the finals. If I had to guess, I'd say he's a candidate for at least one amulance run, given his family's history on the show.

You know who else? Although I don't want to see it, Sabrina the Middle-Aged Mom could pull, tear or break something that would require medical attention. Look at Melissa last season.


Matt Roche

Jenn, this blog is all about cheesy fun. LOL at the headline and Swayze quips. Kung Fu Chef is a finals candidate. Sort of reminds me of Skater Dude (Apollo) for some reason. We'll see how smooth Snowboarder is, but he too has Skater Dude-esque qualities. And Chelsea seems to have good teaching skills. Did wonders with Rodeo Dude last season. Agree on the Ozzy cameos helping Ozzy's Brat's cause. Also noted Latoya or Janet or someone else who looks a lot like them (would say Michael, too, but you know). That tribute to the Dirty Dancer was superb!

Matt Roche

(Posted around 11:50 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009)

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Cary Ashby

Congrats to Matt_R and IwatchUdance for their correct guesses!


Debi Mazar played Spice, one of Two-Face's girlfriends, in 1995's "Batman Forever." If Debi was the bad girl, who was the good girl, Sugar? Hint 1: She's much more well known. Hint 2: Better known for romantic comedies, she starred in two action flicks.

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