Great start to DWTS Season 9; men show separation

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


We've waited four months for the return of "Dancing With the Stars," and from all indications it was worth the wait. Great start to the season. Very entertaining. IMO 3 guys emerged as contenders.

The 8 male celebs took the floor Monday night. The 8 female celebs dance tonight. And then the bottom two get kicked off Wednesday during the season's first results show.

So let's get down to business. Here's a celeb-by-celeb recap, in order of their performances, complete with my label suggestions (please feel free to agree or disagree):


Back Street Boy Wannabe (Aaron Carter) - Slick moves, good facial expressions and high energy with his cha-cha. Noted the Back Street Boy sightings. Kinda reminded me of Jake Ryan. Not sure what to make of the high heels. Deserved the 10 on the relay waltz. (And thanks for the label suggestion, Cary). Still my early fav. to win (see previous post).


Ice Man (Chuck Liddell) - Agree with Anna: That is really scary. He totally could be a bad guy in a Batman movie (right Cary?). Agreed with Len: Much better than I thought it would be. Bruno's cruisin for brusin w/his "foot work poor; lines terrible; and timing went" review. BTW - nice contrast in celebs' peeps in the audience: Carter's preppy dudes and Liddell's thugs.


The Chairman OR Iron Chef OR Kung Foo Guy with the Man Boobs that Lacy Wants To See (Mark Dacascos) - Can't decide on a label; can decide on his abilities - he's a contender. Well-scored cha-cha. Loved the tune. Very apprapro.


Tan Man's Son (Ashley Hamilton) - Like the nickname; don't like the dancing. He's not going to last long. Great prom look with the teal dress and gloves on Edyta and the matching teal tie on him. Lots of standing around with his foxtrot, showcasing Edyta. Judges were wise to that. The judges like him about as much as Shannen Doherty does.


Donny (Donny Osmond) - Well at least he's not as annoying as his sister. Def. has showmanship. Good routine. Entertaining. Worked the crowd. Thought he should've finished second, not first, in cha-cha routine, but evidently the judges love him too. BTW - best line of the night from Kym: "Pretend like I've got a boob on my back." His popularity puts him in the final three.


Snowboarder (Louie Vito) - I don't remember Chelsie being that tough on Rodeo Dude. But hey - it worked. Liked the song choice ("It's My Life," which for the record was an 80s hit by Talk Talk before being covered by Gwen and No Doubt) and his gracefulness with the waltz. Len is just jealous of his hair. Deserved the 10 on the relay cha-cha, but got an 8. BTW - I wonder if he's ever been called a hobbit before?


Jerry Rice Wannabe (Michael Irving) - OK, he didn't do that bad. Those scores were brutal. The cha-cha wasn't Jerry (Rice or Springer) material, but it didn't deserve two 4s. Ouch. It lacked content, but he showed some moves nonetheless. Great James Brown tune. Improved on the relay waltz. He'll stick around.


Politician (Tom DeLay) - They did NOT save the best for last here. Painful to watch. Glad he was having fun 'cause boy I sure wasn't. A sympathy vote with the 6 and two 5s? That's how Frau Phyllis stuck around so long, remember judges??!!! Jerry Rice Wannabe did better than that. Agreed with Tom: There were "moments I thought I'd never see on television." And in this case, I hope not to again.

* * *

OTHER OBSERVATIONS: Liked the opening number with the dance pro dudes rockin' to "The Boys are Back in Town" by Irish hard rock band Thin Lizzy. BTW - did they the know the girl whose butt they slapped? Just wondering.

Like the format with the guys, and then the girls, and then the double elimination. They'll be two other double-elimination nights before all is said and done.

Looking forward to Macy Gray. Can't wait to see the interviews. See looked totally bored at times.

* * *

YOUR TAKE: Now it's your turn. Please post your comments below. Here's some fodder - Who did you like? Who did you dislike? Who had the best cha-cha and waltz? We'll do it all again tomorrow, and then make our official Final Three predictions before Wednesday night's results show. Looking forward to your comments...



Interesting group of guys. Some are good and some stink. I don't see the stinkers improving too much, but I could be wrong. Look how good rodeo dude did. Good call on Aaron Carter reminding you of Jake Ryan. He's got the energy and the infatuation with his instructor. He definitely has the most potential. Ice man scared me. Donny was better to watch then his sister was, but it looks like we'll still have to see her in the auduence (with her new man?). Snowboarder was cute to watch. We'll see if he can hold up as well as his fellow olympians. Looking forward to seeing the ladies dance tonight.
Are the eliminating the bottom from each group, or just the bottom two period?

Matt Roche

I think the bottom two period will be eliminated, not just one man and one woman. Could be wrong, though. I wondered about Marie's companion, too. At first I thought it was Clarence Clemons :)  I think Snowboarder has potential. You mentioned how well Rodeo Dude did, and Chelsie played a big part in that.


I thought Bruno came up with 2 nickname possibilities of his own last night: "The Gentle Neanderthal" for Chuck Liddell and "The Hobbit" for the snowboarder. I think I will call Liddell "Scary Dude". And for Kung Fu guy, how about "The Karate Chef". I'd like to think up something for Donny, but right now nothing but "Annoying" is coming to mind, and even though I hate to admit it, he was a pretty talented dancer. BTW, was that Jermaine Jackson in the audience with Marie?
I'm not sure who had the best performance of the night, but I do know that Tan Man's Son and the Politician had the worst. Politicians should not dance. It was so uncomfortable to watch...reminded me of Frau.

Matt Roche

Good call on the Frau comparison, Jenn.

Was is Jermaine Jackson? It seemed like it was somebody familiar.

Gentle Neanderthal is pretty good. (As far as a label, not necessarily as a dancer.)

How about Marie's Annoyning Brother? (Remember, she was Donny's Sister, though we should have put "Annoying" in her label, too.)


I thought that the premiere was great, but I think a double elimination after one week is unfair! There was no need for them to have that many contestants, because the number of performers is overwhelming!

I thought that Ashley was robbed! I didn't think he did that badly, and was stunned when he got a 4! He comes from no dancing background, unlike most of the others. I think that Michael was too. I do not think he deserves to be at the bottom! They both did a lot better than Chuck!

For the few seconds they showed Macy Gray, she looked kind of scary! I am looking forward to watching her dance!

Matt Roche

Good oberservation about Macy, jkchavanne! Now that you mention it, she DOES look kinda scary, too. Every season, the judges, espcially Bruno, seem to pick out one male celeb THEY don't like and dog him until he's booted off. The Chef was the victim of that a few seasons back. And I think Tan Man's Son is this season's victim. Don't worry about Jerry Rice Wannabe - NFL players always do well on this show. He'll rebound strong.

What does everyone else think about there being too many celebs?


Hello Again with YET another login name....I KEEP forgetting my's good I have so many email accounts! LOL!'s me...Dancin'Queen...but now I'm GottaDance!

Last night was a lot of fun...loved most costumes and music. The "boy dance" at the front was great. After one evening you can really tell the pretenders from the contenders. Aaron and Louie were my favorites of the night. I liked the Chef but agree with the judges (too many tricks).

I thought the judging was way too high 7's and 8's for the FIRST dance??? They're going to have to do 10's on the 2nd week with this kind of high scoring. I thought Len was so nice last night...but I'm getting ready to can the other two--they are SO irritating and offer very little constructive criticism (esp. Bruno)...and all Carrie Ann seems to say is "get better posture". But after 8 seasons the judges now are as much of "stars" as the contestants...and I think the HAM factor is OVER THE TOP.

The painful to watch factor: Ashley and Tom. I don't think I could watch another week of them struggling. It will be hard to lose Cheryl this early on (but she departed early with Wayne Newton too)...and will Edytta EVER get a contender???? (I know she had Jason Taylor...but that was the Brooke Express that year.) So feel bad for her.

The middle of the pack: (everyone else but Donny) All have potential...but think the Chef is cookin' the best. :)

The Shoo-in: Donny. He's got in made in the shade....his popularity will def. put him in the semi's. So he and Kym can decide each week: Do I please the judges or please the fans? Marie Osmond choose to 'please the fans' and she got to the final 3. Is Donny more dance talented than Marie? If so...he might want to please the judges....but either way...he's in the semi's UNLESS he becomes a 'dancin' causality -- IE the dreaded ambulance visit to the set.

Fun to be back here bloggin'...thanks Matt! Looking forward to seeing the ladies dance tonight!

Matt Roche

...or should I say GottaDance. Again, I'm sorry to all for the complicated (can I say irritating and remain employed here?) log-in procedure. But THANKS TO ALL who overcame it and joined the fun. It looks like it will be a fun season. I agree with your observations here. LOL at the dreaded ambulance visit, not that anyone would be rooting for that with Donny ;)

Wonder if the female dance pros will open with their own number tonight before the female celebs? Who are your early favs for the females, before seeing them? Any one want to venture a guess?


I have high hopes for Kathy Irelend and Natalie Coughin....and perhaps Melissa Joan Hart (only cause I SO LOVED her show 'Clarissa Explains it All').

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