DWTS Season 9 starts tonight; please register to comment

Matt Roche
Mar 29, 2010


Welcome back, all!

Can't wait to watch DWTS again tonight. I've been missing it since late May. Perhaps they need a summer season... ;)

First, let me apologize to all for the new registration process. Back in the day, you could check in, drop a comment and move on. Now, you have to register -- ONE TIME ONLY, as I understand it -- and then log in each time. (Your computer should remember your name and password, if you OK that feature.) The problem is that your old name might not work in this new registration process; you'll probably have to come up with a new name, or at least a slightly altered one.

Please don't let that stop you from commenting. Your thoughts and observations make this blog what it is -- a place to joke and gripe about everybody's favorite celebrity dancing show.

I suggest you practice commenting by registering, logging in and posting a comment on this blog. That way you'll be ready for prime time. (We'll see if the celebs are tonight.)

Second, the site is clean now -- no nasty messages about a Trojan horse or blocked URL. Yikes! (I'm still not sure what that was all about.)

And third, we still need label names for the celebs. I'll unveil mine in my celeb-by-celeb review after tonight's episode. Feel free to offer suggestions if you don't like my choices. As always, we're looking for humorous, clever, fitting, snappy and catchy labels for our celebs.

I'm looking forward to another good season of DWTS commentary with all of you, and l hope to hear from all of you soon. Until tonight...


Matt Roche

Yep, I can comment too.

How about you?

BTW, if you're new to this blog, visit some of our posts from last season, just to get feel for what we do here. Here are a few:

Looks like a fun season of DWTS

Surprise! Charlie's Ex sent packing on DWTS

And Chuck's gone (back to) country; who'll be the next to leave DWTS?


Yep, it was the new registration process that kept me from commenting sooner, but after I did it, I realized it was no big deal. (although I did not enjoy having to think of a new name- but then again, going from Jennifer to Jenn is not a huge difference) Anyways, I'm back and looking forward to the new season.

Matt Roche

Welcome back Jenn(ifer)!


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